Style Guide: How to Print Clash

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, when it comes to print clashing. It’s the trick all the “stylish people” keep under lock and key. Are you ready?

The secret is this… THERE IS NO FLIPPING SECRET to print clashing in fashion.

In reality, I truly believe fashion and style is all about being brave and willing to take risks, getting it wrong occasionally and walking back into the wardrobe to try it all again. And yes, every single stylist or blogger you follow on instagram has gone through a series of a dozen mistakes before they reached the pedestal we’ve all put them on when it comes to style.

So, let’s talk “print clashing.” Seems so many people think it’s some gift people are given, being able to mix and match prints that aren’t traditionally put together. It isn’t. It’s about developing a skill of seeing what works and what doesn’t for you! It’s about combining prints you love separately. That’s actually my biggest golden rule. I have never bought an item of clothing with the intention of using it in a print clash. That comes later!

But, if you’re really skittish about this whole concept of mixing prints and patterns, textures and colours, let me give you a quick starter idea that will ease you into this gently. It’s a piece of style advice that can never go wrong. Grab a striped button down shirt from your closet, throw it on. Then grab a print skirt, pair of trousers or even a print dress and throw it on with the shirt. There should be nothing that you can put with this shirt that will look “wrong.” Nothing. But, of course there will be combinations you like more than others. Keep trying until you find something you’re comfortable walking out of the house in and go!

For a few more ideas, check out these examples of how I’ve print clashed over the past ten years. These are my favourite combinations. And if you have any questions, feel free to share them in the comments below and I’ll get straight back to you!



  1. Jennifer Adams
    11th February / 1:09 am

    You could wear a burlap sack and it would look stunning.
    It’s not just what you are wearing, but the fact that you love what you’re wearing and it shows!
    Size is just a number, and you’ve got style!

    • Emily
      11th February / 7:33 pm

      Thank you Jeffie!

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