Forget the house dress… this is the sweatshirt dress!

I know everyone last year was going on and on about the house dress or the nap dress, like they were the be all and end all. And yes, I too was all about a comfy dress at home. I bought both a house dress and a nap dress, falling straight into line with the trends I was seeing daily. But, ladies and gentleman, I have a dress the trumps them all. This is the Sweatshirt Dress.

Now I know the idea of a dress made out of sweatshirt material is hardly new. But this isn’t your average sweatshirt dress. I bought it because it looked surprisingly chic on the model, for a dress made from the same material we lounge in daily. However, when I opened the package, I was stunned by the quality, the weight of the fabric and the way it hangs on the body. I wasn’t sure I would love it. I ordered it because I want more clothes that are comfy but can also easily work for feeling like I’m still making an effort daily. But, on the first wear, I made a mental note to keep track to see if any new colours are released, because I want them all!  I cannot recommend this beauty enough. Well worth every penny and something you’ll be seeing me in frequently. So far, it’s my favourite purchase of 2020.

A note on size, for those looking to order. This is only carried up to a UK size 16. I ordered the 16, and I usually wear an 18, and it fit perfectly!

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