Best Plus Size Brands: 75+ Size Inclusive brands to shop in 2021

Update: There are now over 100 plus size brands to shop thanks to loads of you submitting brands that were left out! Keep them coming! This post will be updated regularly!

This has been a long time in the making and asked for several times over. I apologise for its lateness, but we’re finally here. Your official guide to shopping plus sizes (“inclusive”, “extended” etc) online in 2021! A little background here… I’m a 40 year old woman that has been plus sized for most of my life. I can’t remember ever wearing less than a size 14(US), but I can certainly remember every single moment I went into a store in the 1990s and was unable to find a single garment in my size. The same effect was echoed when online shopping first started. Anything over a 12 was a rarity and, in my time, a blessing. Here we are twenty years later and the internet has opened up the doors to a whole new world of shopping, in which nearly every size is catered for!  This is your list of plus size shops to explore online in 2021. I’ve tried to keep it as global as possible, but there are brands that are, for example, UK or US only.

We’ve come a long way, baby… now, get ready to have some fun! There is something here for every price point, whether you rolling in the dough or pinching the pennies, so keep scrolling. I will also note that there is fast fashion, high end designer fashion and brands that are very clear on being ethically sourced, etc. In trying to keep this a guide for every price point, please keep this in mind.

Please note affiliate links are used.

11 Honore

We’re kicking off with the most premium of the brands to shop for plus size with 11 Honore. They came on the scene a couple of years ago and shook us all up. What? We can now shop DvF dresses in plus size? Yes! And wait, you have designer gowns that come into the extended size grouping? Yes! It is a revolutionary site when it comes to shopping plus size and it’s definitely one to check out if you’re looking to splash the cash on a trendy piece or invest wisely in a piece you’ll have for the remainder of time.

Anna Scholz

I have so much time for a brand that is founded and designed by a plus size woman. Anna Scholz is her brand. She creates beautiful garments, from dresses to jumpsuits, and you get the distinct feeling she’s simply designing her dream wardrobe with every collection. This is mid priced fashion and it’s full of wardrobe gems that will be with you forever!


This is one of my personal favourites for plus size shopping. They drop new items almost daily, carry up to a size 28 and offer both classic and trendy pieces at a reasonable price point. ASOS curve also serves up dozens of other brands in plus size.  Tall ladies will also be happy to know that the majority of their plus size trousers usually run very long. I can’t recommend enough adding this to your bookmarks and checking regularly!

January 2021 Favourites:

ADIDAS Plus Size

Yes, the famous athletic gear has launched plus size. In fact, you’ll be seeing a lot of workout gear featured here and with good reason… it’s basically what we’re all living in this year and the foreseeable future until there’s a change, right? So, we’re starting with Adidas. First of all, their track pants are finally in plus size. Thank you heaven above. But more importantly, they are also rolling out their celeb collaborations in plus size. They’ve proven so popular they are usually the first sizes to sell out, so you have to be on the ball with this one.

January 2021 Favourites:

American Eagle Outfitters

This is where I buy 99.9% of my jeans. I always get asked about them and I’m too happy to tell people I’m an American Eagle convert. They carry up to a size US 24, or XXXL and they also carry long and extra long for the tall gals out there. They have the best stretch in the business and I say, with hand on heart, I have yet to return anything I’ve ordered. Yup, they get it that right.

January 2021 Favourites:

Ann Taylor Loft

Dear Ann Taylor Loft… finally! As a teenager I used to walk by this store and drool over the windows. It was preppy heaven and it wasn’t in my size. No longer, dear friends. Carrying up to size 26, this dedicated portion of their website offers seasonal favourites for every wardrobe. Preppy girls everywhere I can hear your cheer!

January 2021 Favourites:

Anthropologie Plus

Ok, so sadly this is USA only at the moment and I can only feel your pain as you read this if you exist outside the USA. Every time I’m home I place an order to arrive the same day I do and I dive in like a kid at Christmas. Anthropologie Plus is one of my favourite new retailers offering the size extension and they do it so well. I cannot recommend this enough if you live Stateside. For those of us farther afield, let’s hope Anthro decides to expand to other global markets. Here in the UK, we welcome it!

January 2021 Favourites:


Athleta is what you would expect it to be from the name, a clothing company outfitting athletics (but they also have a killer sleep collection). They now carry a plus size range that offers a size 1X-3X, in over 350 styles. And when I say “now,” I mean just now. It’s this month that they are dropping the sizes both online and in store. Having them in store is a massive commitment that many retailers have completely ignored. So, Athleta, a big high five for you for realising that all women shop in store, not just small women 🙂

January 2021 Favourites:

Baker and Buckland

I feel like I need to start this by saying this brand has a lobster print skirt available in size 8-30! If that doesn’t make you want to support this brand immediately, I don’t know what will. In all honestly, this is a brand that is all about bold and beautiful prints and size inclusivity. They also offer their items in three lengths and, with skirts, you can even select the fullness you desire! Tell me… who else is doing that?

Big Bud Press

I haven’t had the pleasure of ordering from this Los Angeles brand yet, but I will be doing so as soon as I can get back on US soil. They carry size XS-6XL. That deserves a round of applause all in itself. That’s what we call “inclusive” folks! They offer great loungewear (currently swooning over their tie dye), trousers and their pantsuits are what, I believe, have made them legendary! Check this brand out!

Boohoo Curve

Fast fashion brand Boohoo is pretty much everywhere these days. You can’t pass a billboard or watch a live TV show without a reminder of their presence. While their ads clearly target younger people, this is a brand that does offer some fab finds no matter your age. It’s all about taking time to look and realising, again depending on your age, how you might style your purchase differently to how they are online. Either way, this is an affordable offering for plus size women and it’s definitely worth noting.

January 2021 Favourites:

Christy Dawn

Well hello, Christy Dawn! I’m totally new to this brand and I fell in love on the homepage. They are the swishy, romantic, simply throw-on-and-go-to-look-like-a-million-dollars dresses that you’ve been dreaming of! Your dress fairytales are found here. They are middle of the road pricing and have a diverse and gorgeous offering. Dress season is sorted here. I’m actually swooning.

January 2021 Favourites:


If you are looking for truly elegant silk dresses that make you feel like a thousand bucks (because, well that’s how much they are), click over to Coyan immediately. Carrying up to a size 24, Coyan offers a sleek sophistication rarely found in plus size clothing. This is goddess level shopping and dressing. A Coyan dress you will have forever. So those of you with deep pockets, this needs to be bookmarked immediately as when their dresses sell out, they’re gone. They are limited run beauties that have to be grabbed in an instant.


We’re back on the jeans. Let’s start with how DL1961 labels their plus collection…. “inclusive.” Amen, folks, amen. It’s what I would have said about this post, but then sadly no one would find it as we are not yet at a stage where women shop for “inclusive clothing sizes,” and only a very few are using that terminology. So, DL1961, thank you for starting a trend. Sadly, they don’t actually offer a whole heck of a lot in their “inclusive” collection. But, the pieces that are on offer run from size 14w-26w. From what I’ve heard, the stretch and waistband on these jeans are absolute heaven. So if you’re in the market…

January 2021 Favourites:

Draper James

You may remember a few years ago Draper James did a collaboration with Eloquii, testing out the plus size market. Turns out they were pretty popular. It was near impossible to get your hands on most of the products after day one. Now, they’ve integrated plus size into their own lineup, with extended sizes offered on most garments. Thank you, Reese Witherspoon (brand founder). This is a little slice of the south that’s now available to all!

January 2021 Favourites:

Eileen Fisher

I will start by saying this. You will never, in your lifetime, regret buying an Eileen Fisher piece. This is clothing that is built to last, both in its construction and timeless style. When Eileen introduced Plus, women everywhere should have been dancing in the streets. This is effortless style. It is a collection of clothing built around the idea of a system, so that every piece you buy fits perfectly into your wardrobe. It also helps that it is the example by which nearly everyone in the industry holds themselves to when it comes to sustainability and ethical production. If you have the means, invest in Eileen Fisher. You will never go wrong!

January 2021 Favourites:


Annoyingly, because of GDPR rules, I can’t access Eloquii from outside the USA. I’d love to, as I’d love to show you my favourites this month, but alas, you’ll have to take my word for how good they are and go check them out immediately, if you’re stateside. I’d like to credit Eloquii for really being the first to do what they did. They made plus size clothing cool. They created a line that was young, but not too young, fresh, but not trying to be something too edgy, and they put a price tag on their items that was affordable for the masses. They did collaborations with Draper James, Katie Sturino, Jason Wu and many more. They deserve medals and trophies for what they did for the industry. If you’re in the USA, I can’t encourage you enough to check out this brand. I shop them every single time I’m home.


Evans was the first plus size brand that I knew about in the UK. They are, from an American perspective, the Lane Bryant of the UK. They were the only plus size high street brand available for the longest time, both on the actual street and online. Of course the world has now woken up to the fact that not all women come in single digit sizes and as such the landscape has changed. But, Evans has the honour of being the first and it has survived because it offers clothing women have trusted for decades.


Another workout brand for you, but this one is from a subscription based model. I’ve never had the Fabletics experience before but nearly every one of my girlfriends swears by this brand. It’s a use or pass method of shopping. You are charged a monthly subscription fee and can use it against purchases or delay and use the fee towards another purchase next month. All worth checking out for these bandana leggings alone, but make sure you read the fine print on everything! I don’t want you signing up for something you aren’t going to use or will frustrate you long term! Just giving you the information!

Fashion to Figure

From the New York & Company family, this is Fashion Figure, a collection of trend led clothing that is carried up to a size 24. With unique celeb collaborations, a wide offering of clothing from skiwear to evening attire, and a price point that is absolutely reasonable, this is a brand worth a closer look. To the older women amongst us, don’t be put off by the young styling. There are some great pieces to be found in here for every age group and for every sense of style!

January 2021 Favourites:

Forever 21 Curve

Another fast fashion goodie. Forever 21 always has great stuff for festivals, vintage tees and more. There are some great pieces to be discovered at price points that won’t break the bank. I know it’s not quite the season yet, but their summer dresses are fantastic. I have two Forever21 Curve summer dresses that I love more than dresses with four digits in their price tags!

Girlfriend Collective

And now we get to my favourite size inclusive activewear brand. I’m allowed to have favourites right? These leggings are the be all and end all. They are the only ones I own that stay in place no matter what I’m doing and I also feel good buying from a brand that is as ethically focused as Girlfriend are. This is a brand worth supporting, not just because their products are beautiful but because you will feel great wearing them, both inside and out! The brand carries sizes XXS-6XL, tell me that isn’t size inclusivity with a big old “I”! Also, I have to say that their loungewear right now is exactly what we all need in our lives!

January 2021 Favourites:

Good American

They say everything a Kardashian touches turns to gold. Well, Khloe certainly has created the gold standard in jeans with her launch of Good American denim. Everything about this brand is fabulous, from the website giving you a look at how every size fits with a matching fit model, to the sizes themselves reaching up to a US 30. Now, I just wish they would launch tall sizes. Saying that, I have two pairs of Good American jeans that I adore and simply wear as cropped with no problem. I will say that these are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned and the most flattering. The waistband is so chic yet feels as if you are wearing sweat pants. How is that possible? They also have great loungewear and some killer blazers. Basically, just make sure to add this to your shopping bookmarks! Ps. They’ve also just launched shoes up to a women’s size 14!

January 2021 Favourites:


I am so annoyed that I forgot Henning on the first round of this list, as I truly believe it’s one of the most important plus size brands at the moment. Another brand founded by a plus size model, Miss Lauren Chan, and I’ll say it again… these are the brands that usually create your wardrobe’s most treasured items because they understand the body they are designing for! Lauren has given us wardrobe staples of a quality that are second to none. Truly, if you’ve ever seen a woman in her one of her suits I’d be willing to bet a year’s salary you were wondering where you could get your hands one. She’s also given us a trench coat and perfect black leather biker jacket…. securing the brand Henning as our place to go for building the perfect wardrobe from the basics up.

H&M Plus

Let me first say this, for those that didn’t already know. H&M mainline now carries most of their pieces in sizes up to an XXL or a 22. That puts them officially in extended sizes, without their special plus collection. So, if you weren’t shopping H&M before, get involved there. For those requiring further size options, there is the H&M Plus collection. It’s a beautiful selection featuring everything from athletic gear to simple dresses, all at the usual H&M price point and all shoppable in the same place online.

January 2021 Favourites:

In The Style Curve

More fast fashion flying your way with a brand that has several collaborations under its belt… many of which have resulted in purchases from me. My favourite pair of wide leg grey sweatpants is from this collection and I can’t say enough about them (or wear them enough). If you are looking for trendy pieces, at very reasonable prices, this is for you.

January 2021 Favourites:

J Crew

If my teenage self could see where we are in 2021…! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined J Crew carrying an 18, let along a 24 or a 3X. But, it has happened. And I don’t feel as if they are shouting it from the rooftops enough. So, ladies, get involved! This is a preppy plus size heaven and it’s here to stay!

January 2021 Favourites:


Joules is the quintessential British brand. I have to start by saying that because every quintessential British brand I know of pretty much closes the door on anyone over the size of 16. Not Joules. They’ve extended their lines to include up to size 26 in a plethora of styles. Everything from swimsuits to winter coats can be found on the website. Can’t recommend this enough.

January 2021 Favourites:

Juna Rose ( Now Vero Moda Curve)

If you’re a fan of Vero Moda, but have never been able to fit into their clothing, you can now rejoice in the fact that they have integrated an extended range into their online offering. No word on whether or not they are carrying the pieces in store. There are some standard classics here, from jeans to tees, coats to chiffon dresses.

January 2021 Favourites:

Karen Millen Curve

A new addition from 2020, Karen Millen have launched a curve line, accommodating sizes 18-24. While this brand is mostly known for it’s dressier occasion wear, there are some beautiful everyday pieces on sale. Definitely worth a look in as the seasons progress. I have a feeling this brand will go from strength to strength as they move forward with this collection.

January 2021 Favourites:

Lafayette 148

Another one for those that have a bit more to spend on fashion, or want to invest for pieces you will absolutely have forever. This is Designer Plus Size Clothing. Think Cashmere coats, luxurious silks, perfectly tailored pants and more.

January 2021 Favourites:

Lands End

It makes me so happy to say that the Lands End have been a big supporter of inclusive sizing for as long as I can remember! All their classic pieces now run up to a size 26 and they are truly classics. This brand is the dream for outerwear, fleeces, flannels and more! I swear by their puffers as well! Ps. They also do Tall Plus!

January 2021 Favourites:

LL Bean

You can’t talk about Lands End without mentioning LL Bean. This is the New Englander’s corner shopping area, clearly. Again, another staple brand for the hard working pieces in your wardrobe, from fishermen’s sweaters to big chunky boots. It’s outdoorsy but also indoor chic 🙂 And they carry up to a size

January 2021 Favourites:

La Redoute

I’ve been shopping La Redoute for years and it still feels like I’m part of a secret society in knowing about this golden goodie. Well, I’m letting the cat out of the bag. A lot of their standard sizing dips into plus, but they also have a plus size section that extends up to a size 28.

They also have a plus size footwear collection with larger sizes and suitable for wider feet, as well as wide calves! Their summer sandals cause my credit card great distress every season!

January 2021 Favourites:

Lane Bryant

This was the very first plus size store I can remember existing. Growing up in the USA, this was all I saw, or all I could remember of plus size clothing and my goodness have they come a long way! As a kid I can remember thinking I would never wear anything they had in the windows. It was all a little too “old lady” for me. Sorry, LB, don’t mean to throw you under the bus. That certainly isn’t the name of the game in store now. It’s young, it’s fun, it caters to young professionals as well as young creatives in outfitting and they even carry some stuff in longer lengths for the tall plus size ladies of the world!

January 2021 Favourites:


Ok time for me to admit something here. I can remember every time any of the supermodels came out in Levis jeans in the 90s, because I would have done anything for the ability to squeeze into a pair of 501s. Fast forward thirty years and no girl has to dream about that anymore. It’s a reality! Levis Jeans have launched plus!

Loud Bodies

Inclusive, ethical, sustainable fashion… for every women. You don’t often see those first three words attached to plus size fashion labels. Loud Bodies are doing it, proving it can be done!  Ranging in size from XS-10X, this is a brand that truly is looking to outfit every women in beautiful fairytale like dresses. Refreshingly, their campaigns also reflect their direction as a company, with plus size woman, regular sized women, disabled women, women of colour… they want us all to feel welcome to shop and comfortable knowing that when we do, there will be a size that fits us all. And if for some reason there isn’t? Well, they are all too happy to help with customising to make it fit. This it the future of fashion, people. More companies that want to fit all, please! Note to shoppers: I am obsessed with their Gabrielle Wrap Dress!


Lululemon, the absolute champions of workout gear, for years frustrated so many of us. How could they only carry up to a size 12US? I’ll say this… even though they carried only as high as 12, I squeezed my bum into them and it worked. But now there’s no more squeezing, no more dreaming of being able to wear their jackets and more. The brand has embraced plus size and extended their sizes to include up to a size 20, with a promise of higher sizes in the future. Of course they are the first things to sell out, so you have to be quick. But the good news is that they are taking that first step towards being more inclusive. If you know anything about the brand’s history and the controversies that have arisen, you will know this is an epic step forward!

January 2021 Favourites:


Madewell began extending their sizes a few years ago and started with their jeans. They have, since, extended their sizes in all clothing, from sweaters to dresses and currently carry up to a size 24 in various styles. Sadly, like many other retailers, not every style has extended sizes. However, a great many of their classic styles, the ones you shop Madewell for in the first place, are carried in up to size 24. Let’s hope this offering grows in the future.

January 2021 Favourites:

Mara Hoffman

Did anyone else look longingly on Mara Hoffman as women all over the world stepped out in her easy, breezy, beautiful dresses and wish they made it in your size? Well, ladies, our hopes have been answered. Mara Hoffman has now extended her sizes to carry up to a 3X or a size 20 in various styles. At present, there are 27 pieces in the extended range. But they are 27 pieces I’d love to have in my closet… each and every one!

Marina Rinaldi

This is one brand that absolutely needs to be on your radar. Marina Rinaldi is part of the Max Mara family… so think absolutely beautifully made pieces that you will forever have in your wardrobe. They were pretty much the first designer plus size brand and they are a brand I have loved since the day I discovered them and their luxurious town home in London. Please, please, have a look at this brand. Every season they deliver something special and their collaborations are second to known in the plus size world. They’ve collaborated with some of the greatest designers in straight sized fashion to date. Give them a look in. I promise you won’t regret it! They also currently have an epic sale on for the New Year. Just saying.

Marks & Spencer

M&S, a British high street staple, has been carrying extended sizes for as long as I can remember. Almost everything in their straight size offering is carried up to a size 22/24. A few years ago they also launched a Curve collection, which runs up to a size 32. While this is a British brand, they also have a global presence, so make sure to click over and see if they ship to your corner of the world. They are known for their lingerie offering, more than anything else, in the UK. I swear the minute I stepped foot in England I was aware of the fact that most people wear M&S knickers long before I found out how to make the perfect cup of tea. They also have great cashmere, amazing classic pieces and beautiful seasonally led trendy pieces. Let’s just say they have it all… in sizes for one and all!

January 2021 Favourites:


When I first moved to the UK I remember everyone saying that Monsoon was where you went to buy your dresses for attending weddings or special events. Oh man, did they sell this place short. Monsoon actually offers so much, every season, and they carry up to a size 24! From mother of the bride dresses (yes, they do carry them, people were right) to great holiday dresses for beach days in the Maldives, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

January 2021 Favourites:


Another epic offering for plus. It’s fast fashion, it’s trend led and it’s definitely worth a mention. For those looking not to spend an absolute fortune, but hope to find a few pieces to update your seasonal wardrobe, give Nastygal a look in. They have regular drops and killer dresses. For tall ladies, they also have very long trousers!

January 2021 Favourites:


For size 14+, Navabi is your one stop shop for a mix of designer and high street fashion brands. With over 10,000 pieces to shop, you might find yourself on site for a while. It truly is one of the best sites to shop plus size at the moment. There is so much. Prepare yourself. It can be a bit overwhelming or heaven, depending on how you like to shop. For those that don’t have time to sift through everything, here are my…

January 2021 Favourites:

Never Fully Dressed

For contemporary fashion, stocked up to a size 24, Never Fully Dressed offers up some of the most bright and beautiful plus size dresses in their curve collection. With most pieces well under the £100 mark, there are some great options for special occasion and casual wear dresses that you will absolutely fall in love with. These are definitely pieces for women that want to stand out in the crowd with their fashion choices!


I haven’t spoken nearly enough, recently, about the joys of shopping NEXT. For Curve, they have an incredible offering for women looking for extended sizes. At time of writing, that offering includes over 6,o00 searchable items! They carry up to size 22 and most items come in lengths that include tall and petites! There are some real finds to be discovered on this site, so don’t miss it.


Dear Nike, thank you! Thank you for supporting women of all sizes who want to be active and stay healthy! I’ve been shopping Nike plus for a while now and I have to say they are bringing their A-game when it comes to outfitting curvier bodies for athletics. Every sport you can think of, they cater for in plus size. Show some support for this brand that is supporting women of all sizes!

January 2021 Favourites:


Currently on Nordstrom, when you click over to their plus size section, you’ll find over 3,300 items on offer. That’s quite a leg up on days of old, where you could only ever find a handful of things. Today, we’re overwhelmed and with goodies that include everything from Faux Leather Spanx to moderately priced evening wear, all in plus size!

January 2021 Favourites:

Old Navy

Carrying up to a size 4x / 30 in US, Old Navy, the cheaper sister brand to Gap and Banana Republic, has been offering women’s sizing for years. Their moderately priced apparel offers us everything from great loungewear to perfect fitting jeans. No really…. Old Navy jeans are legendary! The fit is like nothing you’ve ever tried before… so get involved!

January 2021 Favourites:

Pretty Little Thing

Ok, another fast fashion site and I feel like I’m repeating myself here over and over when I say this is a younger site, but there are great finds for all ages. It’s all in how you style it. On PLT, you’ll find lingerie, lounge suits, beautiful dresses and more. At the moment, there are over 2,000 styles on the site waiting to be discovered. Also a note for tall curvy ladies… the trousers are very long!

Rachel Pally

I could sit here all day and wax lyrical about the beauty of Rachel Pally’s dresses. I have yet to experience buyer’s remorse with a Rachel Pally dress. They are timeless, beautifully flattering and worth every penny for quality. Whether you are looking for a casual or formal dress, Rachel Pally should be one of your first online destinations for plus, carrying up to a size 3X in plus. Also, check out the Bridgerton Cream dress below…. love!

January 2021 Favourites:


If you are looking for the most romantic and beautiful dresses on earth (ok, that might be a stretch but I just sincerely love this brand), check out Reformation. They carry up to a size 28 in their extended sizes range and I can’t recommend them enough. While they excel in summer dresses, their offering will work for any season if layered correctly. Never ever miss a chance to own a Reformation dress. I have regretted not buying pieces before they sold out more times than I care to admit to!

January 2021 Favourites:

River Island

Stocked in size 18-28, River Island’s Plus Size label has gone from strength to strength over the years and rapidly increased in number of items available in the collection. While being very trend led, they also seem to set the trends themselves at times, with original items that are totally swoon worthy and not seen anywhere else.

January 2021 Favourites:

Saint Somebody

The only swimsuits I have worn over the past two years, since discovering this brand, have been Saint Somebody. When I say this brand gets curves, I mean it. They have an understanding for how swimwear should fit like no other and they truly have thought of everything. I feel beautiful and confident in these suits and I can’t say that about any other suit I’ve worn! I cannot recommend enough that you invest in a Saint Somebody swimsuit!

Seasalt Cornwall

Seasalt Cornwall is a brand that began as a supporter of women of all sizes and has continued to expand over the years to offer up to a size 28 in the majority of their pieces online. From perfect rain coats to fantastic fair isle sweaters, these are pieces that belong in the beautiful British countryside. This is most definitely a brand to explore and love. Warning… you will become addicted to searching new arrivals for fresh picks!

See Rose Go

They are relatively new to the scene, but See Rose Go is already making a splash with their iconic pieces that are meant to be a permanent part of your wardrobe. In sizes 14-28, See Rose Go offer wardrobe staples in the highest quality fabric and construction. It’s all in the details here, which make these pieces more than beautiful additions to your wardrobe, they are investment pieces in your wardrobe! From tunics to trousers, you might want to rethink your basics after you see what See Rose Go can offer in extended sizes.


If you like to dress like you are living in a fairytale… (who doesn’t?), Selkie should be on your radar. They stock up to a 5X and it is basically the place where pastel tulle finds a life in every wardrobe. Seriously these dresses are simply gorgeous and so inspiring. I want to relocate to a world where I can wear outfits like this daily to work!

Shein Curve 

At last count, there were over 7200 pieces in new arrivals! Get ready to fall into the deep end here with options. Shein Curve is another fast fashion site, where you’ll be hard pressed to find items over £25. In sizes 16-24, I think you’ll find some real winners in their dress and loungewear offerings. The first time I ever jumped onto the site I was balled over by just how much they had to offer. So, worth a look in!

January 2021 Favourites:


Shopbop have just started offering extended sizes, so this is all very new. But, saying that, they’ve already added 4,000 items to the mix and are promising more.  The sizes vary by brand, and there’s a lot to take in here so my suggestion would be to filter out your size to show all that’s available and narrow things down a bit! Now, it must be said that Shopbop seem to consider XL an extended size. Just a word of warning! There is work to be done here… lots of work.

January 2021 Favourites:

Simply Be

They’re the originals. Since day one, Simply Be have been there supplying the world with the right fit for curvy women everywhere. From lingerie to casual wear, jeans to fancy dresses, there’s everything under the sun on this site, up to a size 34. They’ve also just released a new nude lingerie collection that is to die for!


This Los Angeles brand has the feel good factor on this list of plus size brands to shop. They are a body positive, environmentally friendly, ethical brand that creates beautiful pieces for women of all sizes. Not only do they offer extended sizes, they offer their pieces in petite and tall as well. What’s not to love? This brand has everything and more for those looks to feel great and look great in their clothing!

Studio Eight

If you’re looking for occasion wear, look no further. Studio Eight is the dream shop for extended size dresses for every occasion. Sequins, tulle, mesh and more… it’s all here… it’s all classy… and for all sizes up to a 26!

January 2021 Favourites:


I’m new to the Summersalt family, but I’m obsessed. I bought my mom loads for Christmas, after falling in love with the brand last time I was home. They do PJs that everyone is obsessed with, cashmere that’s to die for and matching sets that redefine the idea of comfortable and fashionable lounge sets!

January 2021 Favourites:

Swimsuits for All 

The names says it all really. There are only two swimsuit websites on this whole round up, and will go reason. I want to only recommend the best. Swimsuits for all has it all… the name’s no lie. And they carry up to a size 34. They also offer great advice for style and size at every turn. Can’t recommend this site enough. I have made repeat purchases.

January 2021 Favourites:


Talbots Plus size division is preppy heaven from embroidered trousers to statement sweaters, tweed blazers to cord dresses. This has been a favourite of mine for years. They carry up to a size 24W and fit like a glove, when you find your correct size!

January 2021 Favourites:


Target has always been an active supporter of extended sizes. There regular sized collections stretch up to XXL and 18/20, and their plus sizes go up to a 4X. There’s a reason most people can’t go into Target for one thing without leaving with ten… the clothing is so good… too good!  And the online offering is ten times the fun and danger. Looking for cute gypsy dresses, statement tees and great basic items at good prices? Look no further…

January 2021 Favourites:


If you’re on the hunt for young, trendy plus size clothing, Torrid should most definitely be on your radar! Rock Tees, statement tees, jeans, funky dresses and a very cute collaboration with Betsey Johnson are all online with Torrid now, in sizes up to 6X! Hello, inclusive!

Universal Standard

When people talk about brands getting it right for inclusivity they almost always mention Universal Standard as the finest example of success in this arena. Universal Standard carries sizes 00-40! They truly want every woman that comes to their website to find something that will fit and bring them wardrobe joy. They even have a collection that will support your changing body. If you need to go up or down a size in a dress you’ve purchased, at any time, they’ll sort it for you. Tell me what other brand does that. They are amazing, hands down, and it’s brands like this that deserve all the money we have to give to support them. Sorry, went on a rant there, but I adore Universal Standard and all they stand for!

January 2021 Favourites:

Veronica Beard

There is a lot I’d like to say about Veronica Beard. But I’ll start by telling you that the brand carry up to a size 24! This is designer pricing and worth every single penny. However, if you buy one thing and one thing only, invest your money in the Dickey Jacket. This is a blazer that you can accessorise! It’s sort of hard to explain so click here to check it. In a nutshell, you can zip in dickies like sweatshirts, sweaters, vests and more. It’s pure genius and a serious game changer for your wardrobe! Beyond that, you’ll also fall in love with just about everything else VB has to offer, and it’s all size inclusive. Thank you, Veronica Beard!

January 2021 Favourites:


The extended sizes section at Vince isn’t massive, but it’s expertly curated, with 27 pieces to be exact. They, at the moment, have a killer suit, great cashmere and perfect shells! It’s a wardrobe essential heaven! Let’s hope this size section of their website grows in the future, but I must say it’s off to a stellar start with what’s on offer, in up to a size 24.

January 2021 Favourites:

Vineyard Vines

Yes, Vineyard Vines now carry plus sizes, up to a size 24! All the classic sweatshirts, shorts and boyfriend shirts you can ever dream of owning, now available in your size. I love when a brand wakes up to the concept that there are women above a size 14! Thank you, Vineyard Vines!

Janaury 2021 Favourites:

Violeta by Mango

Yup, think Mango but extended sizes. Violeta by Mango caters for the 14-26 sized women amongst us. And if you haven’t explored this site yet, warn your credit card. There are so many classic pieces released every season that are moderately priced but pack a big punch up for your wardrobe!

January 2021 Favourites:


Walmart…. I know. Walmart for fashion? Yes, ladies, yes, especially online. Walmart has more for extended sizes than you probably expect and features over a dozen ongoing collabs that are worth keeping an eye on. Did you know Sofia Vergara has a collection with Walmart? What about Eloquii? There’s also a C Wonder collab and many more, all available to shop online, all available in extended sizes!

January 2021 Favourites:


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