7 Days of Style: January 4th, 2021

The first Seven Days of Style for 2021. And you know what? Even though we’re in lockdown here in the UK, I’m still getting up everyday and pretending, for at least five minutes, that’s it a day like any other. It’s the only way to stay sane in this madness. But, I have to be honest… Mondays are now what I look forward to the most, because I know I get to do this. I dive into my closet with excitement at truly getting a day that I can pretend is business as usual. I work at putting together outfits that one morning might actually see the light of day. But for today, for the first week in 2021, these are outfits just for you and me. They are inspiration for the future, a bit of fun to take your mind off what’s going on outside. Let’s escape inside… inside our closets!

As per usual, you’ll see a few new pieces, but a lot of repeat pieces here. I like being able to share things again and again, because I like the idea that you might have bought the same piece and I can show you a new way to wear it. Please note I wear a UK 18, US 16 and I’m 6’2! There are affiliates used in this post and, when an exact item isn’t available to buy I try to find copies which I will note as and when! Enjoy and hoping this proves to be an inspiration and a much needed distraction.

Fair Isle Sweater

Tiered Black Skirt

Brown Boots in Wide Calf

Cardigan Sweater


Animal Print Flats







Boots in Wide Calf









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