The best Christmas ads of all time

Everyone knows the season is upon us when Christmas carols, jingling bells and scenes of family holiday bliss decorate the commercial space on television. This year, 2020, things feel a little different. The usual pictures of families together, around a big Christmas dinner, are less frequent. Expectations for our usual Christmas are carefully guarded as no one knows what the next month will look like with the current state of the world. But, this year, I’m letting the Christmas cheer carry me away.

I’m letting the adverts of old, filled with people hugging people, airports acting as normal and shops spilling over with customers, remind me of all the Christmases we’ve had where we have taken every ounce of this for granted. I’d trade in every year of complaining about shopping in Oxford Street crowds, of huffing and puffing about how crowded Heathrow Airport is or getting annoyed at my family for whatever absolutely stupid reason there ever was to ever be annoyed. I’d give anything to accidentally be shoved in the street by a poor dad carrying way too many Christmas packages. I’d love to be on a flight home where I’m absolutely sure nothing could taint the end result of that flight… a hug from my mom. And, if I could, I’d squeeze my little brother so tight and say, “let’s put on Santa Clause the Movie right now and eat M&Ms until we’re sick to our stomachs.”

None of those activities are on the cards. They will be next year. I know that. But this year, I needed a reminder of everything good and wonderful about the holiday period. The best place to find that has always been the holiday advertisements. Always. So, I thought I’d share over 50 of them… that’s how many I found after two days of research, two days of crying so hard it looked like my eyeballs were bobbing in tiny ponds.

I will warn you, some of these are tough to watch. Almost all of them are about people coming home, people seeing their loved ones against all odds. This is the one circumstance it seems we didn’t think would ever come upon us. There is no ad here to make us feel better about not being able to see our families this holiday season. They are all just here to say…. when you can see them again, this is a reminder of just how good it will feel.

Some of these will make you cry, some will make you laugh, some will make you miss your mom, others will make you long for a Christmas pudding, but all will feel your heart with warmth…

PS. Give the ads a minute to load. There are a lot of them!

1. Apple iPhone 2013

2. Hallmark – Waiting for Christmas

3. Marks & Spencer 2016 – Mrs. Clause

4. John Lewis 2011- Amazing

5. McDonald’s 2019 – Reindeer Ready

6. 2015 Spanish Christmas Lottery

7. 1990s Hallmark Commercial

8. John Lewis 2014 – Monty The Penguin

9. Edeka 2020 – Lonely Father

10. Disney 2020

11. Argos 2020 – Magic

12. Amazon 2020 – The Show Must Go on

13. John Lewis 2015 – Man on the Moon

14. Heathrow Bears 2018

15. Asda 2019 – Extra Special

16. Apple 2019 The Surprise

17. Supervalu 2020

18. John Lewis 2016 – Trampoline

19. 1990s Folger’s Coffee

20. 2000s reboot of Folger’s Coffee

21. Sainsbury’s 2018 – The Big Night

22. Erste 2018: What would Christmas be without love?

23. John Lewis 2017 – Moz The Monster

24. Marks & Spencer 2019 – Sweaters

25. TK Maxx 2020- Lil Goat

26. Boots 2018 – Mum & Daughter

27. John Lewis 2018 – Elton John

28. Coca Cola Christmas 2020

29. Tesco 2020 – No Naughty List

30. John Lewis 2019- Edgar

31. Mcdonald’s 2020 – Inner Child

32. Christmas 2019

33. Fortnum & Mason 2018

34. Gap UK 2017

35. Google Home 2018

36. Publix 2019

37. Bouygues Christmas

38. Macy’s 2020 – In Dad’s Shoes

39. Hallmark – Teacher’s Gift 80s

40. Publix – Holiday Surprise

41. Tommy Hilfiger – Feast

42. Hershey’s 1980s

43. Kmart Christmas balls (you gotta laugh)

44. Tiffany & Co Christmas

45. John Lewis 2020

46. Not on the High Street

47. Sainsburys Gravy Ad 2020

48. Hobby Lobby 2020

49. Morrison’s 2019

50. Debenhams’s 2017 Fairytale

51. Vodafone Ireland 2015

52. 02 The Magic of Christmas 2020

53. Mariah Carey Walker’s Christmas 2019

54. Apple’s Frankie’s Christmas 2016

55. Sainsbury’s 2015 Mog’s Christmas Calamity

56. H&M Come Together by Wes Anderson

57. Boots 2014 Special Because

58. Sainsbury’s 2014, 1914

59. Westjet Christmas Miracle



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