A romantic night in: Chateau-X, The Ultimate Chateaubriand Experience

When I look back on 2020 I can tell you now the one thing that will stick out above all else will be the rollercoaster of emotions. Second will be… “my God, I ate sooo much!” At the start of the first lockdown, Steve and I joked constantly that we were living like teenagers whose parents had gone away for the weekend. We ate our feelings with junk food. We watched Netflix. We played video games. We wrote. We read. We ate some more.

We had also just left London, and were definitely feeling the hit of leaving a culinary capital city where every single thing you could desire could be ordered and delivered to your house within an hour. Nothing was open in the first lockdown, in the village we had moved to. And it seemed no restaurants, in London or nearer to us, were prepared to handle a delivery service in what was quite an epic and final shutdown without much warning. So, we learned to cook a bit and we had a mad and excellent delivery of Donald Russell steaks that lasted us through the entire first lockdown in the country, divvying them up over time like water in the middle of a hot desert.

But, we certainly watched from a far with envious eyes as our friends enjoyed the couch life. Minimal cooking and maximum chillaxin. Let’s remember, of course, that this is in the middle of a pandemic. And yes, you would be right in noting that I’m not going to address this any further than just here, because we hear about it, witness it and feel it in our families enough so that I don’t need to be yet another person that discusses the state of the world. This is fluff entertainment, something to take your mind off of all of that. And what I’m about to share, I sincerely hope will take your mind far away…

The second lockdown seemed much more together on the home front. Chefs and restaurants across the country were ready this time. They were ready for crafting, assembling and delivering restaurant quality kits to homes up and down the UK. While I know all of us miss the restaurant life, we’ve had to make the best of the situation at hand, and the hospitality industry has stepped up to keep us feeling a part of their families until the time comes when we can truly step back into their kitchens and sit at their tables.

This evening, I had the great pleasure in receiving, unboxing, cooking and eating a straight up miracle in food preparation. Tonight, I was given the experience of Chateau X, a chateaubriand dining-in kit for two that is the brainchild of the famous Chef Nico Simeone. Imagine your favourite takeaway…no, scratch that. Imagine your favourite restaurant in London. No, don’t go burger joint. I’m thinking romantic, candlelit, nice bottle of wine and Kenny G. Too far? Anyway, you get the picture I’m painting, you’re on a classy, expensive table top for two. That is this experience.

A box arrives, and I won’t lie that I nearly got accused of ordering from Net-a-Porter again. The box is chic, all on its own, and it’s heavy. I lift it onto the table, unfold the lid and am met with a black topper to the contents below, with two menus and an instruction manual. I toss them aside to get to the goods. Below, I find a bottle of wine and four chicly packaged dishes. There is one marinating Chateaubriand and four side dishes – truffle mac & cheese, honey roasted vegetables and hasselback potatoes.

I urgently reach for the instructions and find that there is a neatly assembled time line that tells me exactly when and how I need to prepare this dinner. It is absolutely fool proof, something I adore in the kitchen as the fire alarm hates me! In less than an hour, I have a fully cooked restaurant quality meal. The smells of truffles and rosemary fill the house and Steve is quick to come out of his work haze as he heads downstairs and finds two plates overflowing with food. They say the serving of any box is for two people, but the serving size would easily feed 3-4 for dinner. They are rather generous! Saying that, we devoured it all.

The first bite of meat is melt in your mouth perfection, followed by a sip of the expertly paired wine and a mouthful or truffle mac & cheese. There wasn’t much talking during this meal, just rude sounds of absolute pleasure to an extent that we were glad indeed that we weren’t in a fancy restaurant. We sat in our comfy clothes, no shoes, no makeup and no concern for anything or anyone else. It was just us and this glorious meal. I do believe our definition of “date night” might have changed. I can’t guarantee it will stay that way forever… as who isn’t looking forward to getting out and about again… but for now, this was the definition of foodie heaven.

In the lead up to Christmas, in an uncertain world, I can’t imagine a better present to give yourself or a loved one this holiday season.

The box, which serves two, is priced at £70 and is available to order online now. Delivery is usually next day and the food must be eaten within 48 hours of delivery. Somehow I don’t think it ever sits that long in any fridge. I mean are you mad? Why wouldn’t you eat this right away!

For more information visit Chateau-X, The Ultimate Chateaubriand Experience.

{Note: I was given this box for review}


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