30 days of Christmas movies

It is exactly one month until Christmas! One month until, well, until who knows what… all bets are off for what to expect. So, in anticipation of a season that’s gonna need a little help with holiday cheer, I’m suggesting a month of holiday movies, watched alone with a mug of hot chocolate, with your lockdown family on the couch or over Zoom with friends (trust me this is fun… make a drinking game out of it for even more fun… like “sip every time someone says “Merry Christmas”). Whatever your living situation, here are thirty movies to get everyone in the mood for the holiday ahead! We’ve got this guys… 2020’s Christmas just needs a little help.

November 25th – The Family Stone

November 26th – While You were sleeping

November 27th – The Family Man

November 28th – Trapped In Paradise

November 29th – Arthur Christmas

November 30th – Home Alone 2

December 1st – Fred Claus

December 2nd – The Grinch

December 3rd – Last Holiday

December 4th – Gremlins

December 5th – Jingle All of the Way

December 6th – The Nightmare Before Christmas

December 7th – Die Hard

December 8th – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

December 9th – Santa Claus: The Movie

December 10th – Christmas with the Kranks

December 11th – Deck The Halls

December 12th – Scrooged

December 13th – Elf

December 14th – Last Christmas

December 15th – The Santa Clause

December 16th – Miracle on 34th Street

December 17th – The Muppet Christmas Carol

December 18th – A Christmas Story

December 19th – Four Christmases

December 20th – The Polar Express

December 21st – Love Actually

December 22nd – The Holiday

December 23rd – Serendipity

 December 24th – Klaus



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