To date, the best mascara I have used in 25 years…

Here’s my big beef with mascara… it never stays in place. I am guessing I’ve tried over 200 mascaras in my time and only a handful haven’t ended up decorating my under eye area with a strong desire to make me resemble a fashionable raccoon. To avoid this problem, I mainly bought waterproof mascaras, but man oh man is that a bitch to get off your face. My lashes have diminished greatly over the years, mainly down to tugging off mascara at the end of a long day. So waterproofs were out. I embraced my date with destiny, my role as a raccoon eye double.

Then, one fateful day, years ago, I was given a tube of mascara in a goody bag. Thinking nothing of it, I put it in my “stash” and waited until my then current mascara ran out before trying. The day I put this mascara on my eyelashes is one I will never forget, no word of a lie.

I pulled it out, applied with one swipe and my eyes opened up beautifully… with one application. Not many coats…. just one! They have length and volume instantly in a jet black. instant glamour.

I went on with my day, thinking nothing of it, and then the first time I went into the bathroom, at 11am, I noticed there wasn’t a trace of mascara under my eyes. This is usually the time of day I’m running my fingers along the rims of my eyes to release mascara debris. Not today, dear reader. Not today… or ever again. I got home from work (back in the days when we used to go to the office…. remember those days?) and once again examined the under eye area. Mascara still perfectly in place. I hadn’t remembered seeing “waterproof” on the label, but it was holding so well, I was certain that I was in for the fight of my life getting this stuff off. Only, there was one difference in wearing it throughout the day. My eyelashes didn’t feel weighed down at all. They actually felt quite mascara free. Sound too good to be true? Well, that was my thought at least. So, I was waiting for the wash for it all to come tumbling down.

As I applied my cleanser, and started to wipe off the eye makeup, my mascara came off in streaks, like long tubes. This is what you call tubular mascara. When you take it off, it comes off with just warm water. The mascara just slides off your lashes. No tugging, no scrubbing. It just glides straight from your eyelashes to the drain below you. Magic. Absolutely magic. There’s nothing left but happy lashes.

So, since that fateful day, I’ve been a devotee of Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara. It’s simply the best. The proof’s in the pictures, and in the using. So, if you’re struggling, put down that mess of a mascara that you are too good for and spend a few bucks more on something that’s easy to wear, will make you look fabulous, and is the easiest thing you’ll take off after a long day at work (well, that and your bra ;))

To purchase:

In the UK, I suggest purchasing straight from Trish’s site – Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara.

In the USA, it’s available to buy at Nordstrom – Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara $32.



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