New Brand Try on….Nasty Gal Plus Size!

It’s been a while since I did a “new to you” brand introduction, and even longer since I’ve done a “new to you and me too” brand intro. This is my first order from NastyGal. I’ve seen a few things from their collections over the years, but I’m just going to come out and say that I thought it was too young for me. I also, the last time I interacted with the brand, didn’t see anything that would fit me. Well, enter the dawning of a new day, the intro of a fantastic plus size collection and a sale that got my fingers moving when it came to shopping. Every single thing I’m featuring here is 30.00 or under, as it’s all 50% off in the sale! There are some real finds here and this brand is now officially on my radar for the future, when looking at things to show you guys. I hope you enjoy this try on, my first since coming back from my home in the USA!

A few notes, as usual. Please remember I am a size 18, I am 6’2! I’ll mention when sizing should be taken up or down accordingly below. But if you want a real in depth look at the try on, head over to my stories on Instagram to see me walking you through each and every piece of clothing! Also, please note there are affiliate links used in this post!

Now, let’s get started!

Colourblock the Haters Trousers Lounge set

Now 25.00, Was 50.00

Sizes 14-26

This lounge set is seriously stylish isn’t it? I absolutely adore it! However, I will say up front that you would be buying this for the look, not for the super cozy feel you think you would get from a lounge set. Sometimes you find great pieces that are a good price and great quality. And then there are pieces like this. Great price, not so great on quality, but wins points for the look. Order one size up for a loose feel and be aware that the top is cropped. If you are an hourglass shape this will look schmazing on you… so schamazing!

Knit Along Lounge Set

Sizes 14-24

Now 24.00, Was 48.00

Another lounge suit worth a mention, because again it has a good look. But I’ll echo my thoughts above. It does not feel very luxurious. I can confirm I have lounged in it, however, and it was super stretchy and comfortable.

Midi Shirt Dress

Sizes 16-24

Now 24.00, Was 48.00

This is a great layering piece! It definitely needs a belt or an oversized sweater to make it look a little less “nightgown-ish,” but it is a great piece for autumn. It’s lightweight, so easy to wear in the winter under a coat or heavy sweater and let it stand on its own as a chic piece when you get inside and remove your overcoat in the heat. I’m always looking for great layering pieces, so was chuffed to bits to discover this little gem!

Floral Dress

Now 30.00, was 60.00

Sizes 16-24

There are two dresses that are very similar here, so I’ll put them back to back and talk about them both together. There’s this sassy floral number and an all white beauty below. They are pleated dresses and the fabric and the way it’s folded make them a bit heavier. However, the end result is a dress that moves beautifully and skims the body perfectly. There is a very low neck line, a theme for Nasty Gal, it seems. But, that’s easily taken care of. Buy THIS BRA (UK / USA) and you won’t think twice.

White Maxi Dress

Size 16-24

Now 27.50, Was 55.00

Floral Maxi Dress

Sizes 16-24

Now 25.00, Was 50.00

This is the lighter version of the dresses above, but it’s a bit longer in skirt length. You have the same deep neckline, the same ruffles around the bodice area and slits up the side. I have to say that I believe this would be the one liked by most. It’s easy to wear, easy to layer and a great length and shape! I first saw this on the blogger Maxey Greene, which is what led me to go hunting on the site in the first place. She looked amazing in it and she’s pregnant! This is a versatile piece! And if you aren’t comfortable with the low cut vneck, just put on a striped top underneath and you’re good to go.

Lilac Maxi Dress

Sizes 16-24

Now 12.00, Was 48.00

This is on epic sale for a reason. It’s spring summer. But for the price, I’d say buy it now and put it away for warmer weather. The neckline makes me think of what Julia Roberts wore in My Best Friend’s Wedding! It’s a gorgeous dress and, again, would look amazing on an hourglass figure! Buy and wear to the first wedding you go to next spring!

That’s it. A small try on today, but hopefully packed a lot of punch! Happy shopping!


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