Introducing Gap Skyhigh Denim

This post written in collaboration with Gap. 

I must get at least a dozen messages a day asking about denim. Where to find it, what styles suit which body types and what will last? I am always all too happy to recommend Gap as a source for great denim. It was the first place I bought jeans when I was 13 and had saved my babysitting money to go to the mall and purchase a pair of Gap bootcuts. Fast forward a few decades and I still buy my denim from Gap, all too happily. In fact, I can place my heart on my hand and say there hasn’t been a year that has passed that hasn’t involved me buying a new pair of Gap jeans. This is not to say they don’t last forever, as they do. But, they are so good at updating their styles and technology with fit. You could say I grow with Gap. And guys… they are size inclusive. This isn’t a brand that calls it quits at size 14. Depending on styles, and the country you are buying in, you can buy up to a size 24UK or an XXL. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Today, I’m here to wax lyrical about a new style of denim that I believe is absolutely worth shouting about. These are Gap Sky High Jeans, and they are some of the most flattering jeans I have ever worn.

The style is high rise skinny. We’re talking a waistline that sits just above the belly button. When I first heard that, I panicked a bit, as I have a tiny bit of midlife tummy trouble. Ok, let’s just call it what it is, an early doors spare tire. But, the Gap Sky High Jeans have a secret slimming pocket in the front that helps with that scenario. It slims and flatters, and boy does it. I feel incredible in these jeans. Truly incredible. I’ve been wearing them off and on for two weeks now and I’ve been tucking in shirts, pairing with crop tops and even trying them out with boots (yes it is cold enough here for that at the moment).

I’ll give you a closer look at how I’ve styled the jeans herewith, wearing all Gap… so yes, the shirts and sweaters are all available to buy online and in store now.

Check out the collection on Gap now! And let me know how you get on. I truly think this is the denim hater’s way back into jeans. I know most of us struggle so much to find a good pair of denim that fits, flatters and makes you feel confident when wearing. Give these an order, and see if things don’t automatically change for you. Don’t give up on denim. It’s a fit to find the right pair, but once you do it is literally life changing!


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