A Dress Giveaway… to make you smile with style!

Back in June, when the latest Target designer collaboration with Love Shack Fancy and Lisa Marie Fernandez launched, I ordered everything in two sizes thinking I’d be home the next week and could try everything on and quickly return the pieces that didn’t fit me. But, then again I was totally optimistic in thinking that the Pandemic wouldn’t put a big old hold on all of that! Fast forward three months later and I finally arrived in South Carolina, to a package full of the most beautiful dresses… in two sizes. I tried to return the unused dresses, but I’ve gone way over the suggested 30 day return policy. So, what’s a girl to do? Rather than taking to a resale site, I thought I’d take the opportunity to supply a few smiles to you guys. I’m giving away the five dresses I’m not keeping!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing images of me wearing the dresses I’m giving away over on Instagram (the first is pictured above). They are all one size too big for me, as the collaboration ran a little large. The dresses are all either 1x or 18W and for each dress I’ll share the specifics for sizes and more in the caption. All you have to do is leave a comment on the dress and within 48 hours I’ll randomly generate a winner and ship the dress out to you, wherever it may be that you find yourself come October 2020.

I want to do a lot more of this, so look for more giveaways in the future with a more size inclusive spin – for woman size 0-24. This one is one sized because, well, I ordered them for myself. But, expect more organised giveaways to come soon.

For now, swan over to Instagram and get involved. The first dress is my favourite!


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