Official Guide to Buying Shoes for Women with Large Feet: 29 places to shop now and forever

I’m going to throw you back twenty five years, for a second. When I was fifteen, I had about three options for footwear. I was a women’s size 11/12 US and no one, at that time, was making cute sandals, shoes or anything else for a larger foot. While all the girls in high school were wearing summer sandals, I was rocking men’s Vans or Converse, because that’s all I could rock. Don’t get me wrong… I made it work. I made it work, because I had no other option. I’m going to have that written on my grave about my fashion choices because it is truly the story of my life. My style has evolved out of what was available to me because of being larger than life, too large to fit into 90% of the clothes, shoes and more that the average female was shopping. Anyway, I’m not here to rant. I’m here to tell you why it’s incredible that so many retailers, 25 years later, are catering to women’s feet that are as large as a size fifteen. And yes, size inclusivity around footwear is an important topic and one we are still preaching to designers. The fight continues. But, for now, let’s focus on the brands that are making their shoes in larger sizes! This is your official guide on buying shoes for women with large feet! Let’s get stuck in, in alphabetical order…

Air & Grace

If you are looking for seriously stylish footwear that runs up to a size 43, this is your one stop shop. I have four pairs of Air & Grace shoes and I adore them. Their boots look like they belong on a runway, their trainers are chicer than anything you’ll find in a department store and their sandals will have people in the streets stopping and asking you where they are from. This is a must visit. I adore this brand!


Amazon is a tough one for shoes, but also highly rewarding if you are willing to put in the legwork. The more specific you can be about what you want, the better, as browsing is damn near impossible. You will go down a rabbit hole that will only frustrate you. So, if you’re looking for a simple brown t-strap sandal, know your size and what you’re willing to pay, you’ll find it immediately. They also carry every size you can imagine, have next day shipping and you can order a garden hose alongside your croc ballerina flats!

A Piedi

If you are looking for chic sandals that run up to a size 12US, jump onto this brand right now. They have been a favourite for many years and at the moment they have the most gorgeous lust-worthy pieces, and all at reasonable prices. These are sure to get you noticed!


This is another fast favourite. And by fast, I mean falling fast in love and also fast fashion. These are trendy styles that run up to a size 10UK, 12US. While the majority of styles will last you a few years, max, some really will stand the test of time. They are relatively inexpensive and it’s easy to see what will and won’t be comfortable by pictures. Trust your gut on this one! But, I would say that the majority of my fun fashion heels are ASOS. Cheap and cheerful, people!

Butterfly Twists

If you are looking for adorable flats (even Catherine Zeta Jones has a collection with them), look no further. Butterfly Twists started as a brand supplying flats you could easily throw into your bag to change into after a day of wearing heels and has become a go t0 brand for classic and trendy flat styles that you will absolutely adore. They run up to a UK9, US11. I have loved these guys for years and even did a fashion week collaboration with them way back in the day! We’ve both grown a lot since those starter days 🙂

Cinderella Shoes

This is one you have to hunt through, but there are some real gems to be found, for those willing to look. They also carry up to a size 13UK, 15US. That’s a big leg up on the competition and a welcome addition to the shoe party! Seriously, this is absolutely worth checking out. Oh, and I love that you can search by heel height and size. Just throwing that out there.

Crispin’s Shoes

Crispin’s was the first place I bought a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s back in the day. This is the dream for shoe lovers with larger feet! The designer dream! Their beautiful creations (and those of the designers they stock) come in sizes up to a 12UK, 14US. Their sales are monumental and their seasonal edit impeccable. Add this to your bookmarks right now.


Otherwise known as Designer Shoe Warehouse in The States, this place will be a danger to your wallet. Their shops are, in fact, located in warehouses. They are huge and it’s just lane after lane of shoes, that run up to a size 11UK, 13US. If you can’t be bothered to shop the actual store and walk aisle after aisle, check out their website instead, which actually offers the ultimate selection. You’ll be spoilt for choice. I always stock up on my knee high boots here in the winter when I’m home in America.


Carrying up to a size 10UK, 12US, this brand is actually a UK based plus size retailer. But, they are all about extended sizes in both clothes and footwear, and have a great selection of wide shoes, for those in need. Their sandals this season feature some fabulous finds. Oh, and their boots in the winter are perfect for those of us with larger calves!


Carrying up to a size 9UK, 11US, Fitflop has some great options for those looking for style and comfort. I’m not sure if you will remember this, but Fitflop started with just one pair of sandals that promised to tone your legs as you walked. People went mad for the technology. Now they do trainers, boots and more. I’ve never had a Fitflop on my foot that I haven’t absolutely adored. PS. They have a great sale on at the moment.

J Crew

When J Crew announced they would carry their shoes to a size 12, I nearly fell to the ground and kissed the floor of the store. A size 12US in one of my favourite stores… unheard of! But, they’ve stood their ground and continued to carry the size, which always sells out quickly. The word spread fast amongst the women scouring the globe for size 12 shoes! And they don’t flake on you with collaborations either… the full J Crew range climbs to a size 12US, 10UK. I’m also pleased to report that the shoes run a little on the large size, so you can easily size down if you have to! This is one of the favourites and always will be. Thank you, J Crew.

La Redoute

This French brand carries most styles up to a size 43, 9UK, 11US. But, some (mostly trainers), up to a 12UK. That’s a pretty big selection. Their flats, boots and espadrilles are stellar and will last! I have espadrilles that I bought four years ago that are still in full rotation in the summer. If you haven’t already shopped this brand, add it to the list, and make sure you check out the clothes and homeware while you are at it.

Long Tall Sally

Sadly, Long Tall Sally is going out of business, so I’m unsure how much longer this will be relevant. Throwing it in for now, for anyone interested in scoring a bargain. They carry up to a size 13UK, 15US, and the styles are deliciously on trend.

Margaux NY

This feels like I’m delivering a real sweet treat with this brand, if you haven’t shopped them before. The styles are simply gorgeous, and those styles run up to a size 13.5US. Margaux, you gems! My current favourites with the brand are from a collaboration they recently did with the beautiful Gal Meets Glam. Also, if you’re a bride, they have some great styles there… which are oh so hard to find aren’t they ladies?


If you are looking to shop high end designer shoes, this is the place. Sadly, Net only runs up to a size 43, 9UK, 11US, but it’s worth mentioning as this is probably the best place for the big spenders and a lot of the designers they feature run large in their sizing. This is where you’ll go for your Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent and more… at present, there are over 700 styles in the largest size online…and we’re between seasons. So yeah, this is a shoelover’s dream.


Another one carrying up to a 9UK, 11US. But, the variety is there to make it worth a mention and, when boot season rolls around, you’ll be glad I did. I would say 65% of my boots are NEXT. They really are great and fabulous for wide calves. You will also be spoilt for choice….so many shoes, so little time.

Nine West

Carrying up to a size 12US, 10UK, this retailer is one every American woman will be familiar with. But, I feel like their size selection is less spoken about. I was wearing a pair of Nine West flat sandals out last week and an American friend of mine was gobsmacked to hear that they carried anything above a 9. So, I’m throwing this one back on your radar. If you haven’t checked out Nine West in a while, it’s time.


Nordstrom has always been the place for women with larger feet, and probably always will be. I felt I could shop at Nordstrom and not worry, ever, about sizes. I used to march in and demand to see everything they had in a size 12, and the guy would look at me and say, “everything?” and clear up that it would take me all afternoon to see everything they had in a 12. Heaven! Their online selection is even better, and they ship around the world. If you’re a lady with big feet, this is the place. It’s heaven in shoe shop form.

Nordstrom Rack

For the bargain hunters, Nordstrom Rack is just Nordstrom at discount prices…and they are good, oh so good. And, if you missed a style when it was first out, you might find it here, in your size, at a discounted price. I check this website monthly, like it’s a religion!

Otto + Ivy

This is a brand designed exclusively for women with large feet. Imagine that. Yes, we’ve come that far. Available in sizes 42-46, you’ll find everything here from slides to gorgeous heels!


Rothy’s is my new obsession. I’ve bought eight pairs of shoes from this brand in the last year. They carry up to a size 13US, 11UK, ship globally and are made of materials that are recycled and completely washable. You read that right. You can throw those shoes in the washing machine as often as you’d like and they come out looking brand new. If there was one brand I would recommend checking out for larger feet, this would be the one! I hate that it’s all the way down here in “R”… it is the first brand you should be clicking on. They are worth every penny and are easily THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!

Simply Be

Carrying up to a size 13UK, 15US, this is a midrange priced shoe source that will fill your life with variety! They are also a great retailer for those that have issues with width in their feet. Come winter, they also have wide calf boots – a major plus point!

Sophia Webster

If you are looking for some seriously fun styles, in up to size 13UK, 15US, Sophia Webster needs to be on your radar. This is a designer brand that deserves a high five from every one of us large footed ladies! They are leading the way for other designers! Most definitely check these styles out. You won’t believe they come in your size! Trust me on this.

Stuart Weitzman

My first pair of designer boots were SW boots. You know the ones. They are the over the knee boots that every fashionista had in their wardrobe years ago, and still do today. I saved up for four months to buy them and I still have, and wear, them every season. While SW only carries up to a size 10UK, 12US, it’s worth a mention as anything you buy here you will have forever. They are classic styles, but sit more on the expensive side of things. I can say, hand on heart, however, that they are worth every penny.


Since moving out to the country, I’ve worn TOMS every single day of the week. They are the most comfortable and practical shoes to walk around the fields in and I appreciate this brand more and more with every passing day. I’ve also ordered two more pairs just in the last week. I adore this brand. If you are looking for comfort and fun, I can’t encourage you enough to check out TOMS. They also have a wonderful one for one plan with their shoes. For every pair you purchase, a child in need is given a pair to wear. It’s a company with heart and style. What more do you need to know? Spend your money here!


Topshop only carry up to a size 42, 8UK, 10US. However, I can fit my large feet into the 42 without much of an issue, so thought it was worth mentioning if you are on the edge. There are some super trendy and beautiful shoes to be found here. It’s high street, so don’t expect anything to last forever. But, for some seasonal fun, this is a great place to look.


UGGs are like Marmite. You either love them or you hate them. I am happy to say I adore them and appreciate that they carry up to a size 13UK, 15US. That’s a big ole size selection. And let’s just be honest here…who doesn’t love a sheepskin comfy footwear moment? In the winter, I live in my UGG slippers at home and UGG Boots on the weekend. Oh, and just in case you didn’t already know, this is a brand that offers so much more than slippers and boots these days. They have upped their game, massively, and it’s well worth a look in. They also have an online outlet on their main site, which has some steals!

Zaccy’s London

One of my favourite pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned comes from Zaccy’s London. It’s the Cork Ballerina Pump and it fits me so comfortably that I could wear it for days and never once think about needing to switch into a flat. That’s saying something, in my book. And they carry up to a size 43 (11US). There are so many good wedges, slides and trainers to be found here. Well worth a look in!


Ladies, Zappos carry up to a size 20! That’s just insanely helpful for so many women. Thank you, Zappos!!!!! You will find so much here, so much. I can’t even begin to describe the selection. Just plug in your size and watch your new shoe closet explode!

So that’s it… the A to Z of shopping women’s shoes in larger sizes! This will get update regularly, so make sure to bookmark it to check back as and when buying shoes!


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