The best face wash for bumpy faces!

                                                            Picture on right taken with no makeup, in high def light!

What I am about to share, I do not share lightly. This post is in no way, shape or form, sponsored. It is the discovery of a product that has truly changed my skin and I’m about to seriously shout about it because I have been looking for this solution since I was a teenager and I can’t believe, all this time, it’s been sitting there waiting for me to discover. It’s all about bumpy skin.

No matter how good my skin has ever been, it has always been bumpy. I don’t mean porous or spotty, I mean bumpy. It was unexplainably bumpy. It always just looked like I had some weird reaction to a bad beauty product. I saw so many people about it, asked all facialists about it, and every one had some recommendation but none worked. NONE! I’ve even tried a few prescriptions…. nada on the results.

And then I got a beauty Fourth of July package and a bottle of facial cleanser was in the box. I simply thought, “perfect timing, I just ran out of the my staple cleanser.” I chucked it in the bathroom, used it that night and thought, “damn, that’s some good cleanser for getting rid of makeup and making my skin feel smooth.” Didn’t think any more or less and went on my merry way. Fast forward about four days, or eight face washes, and I looked in the mirror one morning, while putting on lotion and my jaw fell to the floor.

My skin was nearly as smooth as a baby’s bum. If you could remove the pores on my face, it absolutely would be. Sadly, I’m 40, so there’s some stuff that ain’t going away. But, the bumps, they were gone! Vanished! I had been trying a few new things on my face and so quickly went through every product that was new. When I came downstairs and looked more closely at the cleanser, I realised I had sort of ignored the small print, under the title, which read “For dry, rough, bumpy skin.” I’ve read similar promises all my life and never expected much. So…this must be what it was. Over the next two months, I used this cleanser, and one other to double cleanse at night. I also used it on the shower on my arms, which are also bumpy… and voila, the bumps on my arms disappeared as well!

As the days passed, my skin became more and more smooth. Even the most persistent bumps, the ones I’d always had on my temples, that you could not always see but 100% could always feel, were gone without a trace.

The product is CeraVe  SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid and I have to tell you, I purchased three more bottles once I realised how amazing this product was. I’ve tried Salicylic Acid before with zero results. So all I can think is that it’s the combination in this recipe that does the trick. The CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser has a combo of the 3 essential ceramides, Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. And guys, it does exactly as it says on the bottle! It cleanses and exfoliates to get rid of dry, rough and bumpy skin.

So, if you’ve been suffering, get thee to a store immediately and grab this product! It will not cost you the moon. It’s £12 ($14) a bottle!

This afternoon I’m headed out to buy the lotions to see, if combination, they produce an even bigger miracle. I’ll keep you updated. But, for now, let me just say that I am writing as one happy camper. I’ve found a product that is quite literally my dream product after spending thousands of pounds over the years trying to find something that will work, and it will only cost me £12 about three times a year to keep in rotation. Hallelujah! The beauty gods are shining down on me today….

Now, if you’re buying this in the UK, buy it at Boots! They have a 3 for 2 offer currently on. Stock up!

If you’re in the USA, get it at Target for under $10!

Now, just one more makeup free picture to share how happy I am with this perfect life changing product….


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