Summer Sleep Short Sets to Beat The Heat

It’s hot out there, folks. Well, it is in the countryside in the UK, anyway. As I write, it’s 91 degrees outside. We have no air conditioning, but we have a fan. Yes, that’s singular. Just one fan. It’s currently on me as I write on one sofa in the living room, while the boyfriend is writing from the other. Naturally, it’s on rotate. So think of me as every four to five seconds I catch a lukewarm breeze.

Just last night we were in a hotel, with air conditioning, and having cool air made us feel as if we were the richest human beings on earth. I had packed this Gingham Shorts Sleep Set, packing for heat and forgetting about such insane luxuries as air conditioning. I’ve worn this nonstop, off and on, throughout the summer. I’m usually a sleep dress lady in the summer, but there was just too much fabric to combat this heat, and it turns out I sleep in rather unladylike positions when it’s so hot. So, the short sleep set has become my go to.

As I sat online searching for more to add to my collection, I came across so many that are perfect for sleeping in this insane heat. So, a blogpost was born. I captured the hotel moment, and now I’m home, in the same set, looking far less glamourous and thinking, “I’d rather die than have a hot espresso right now…” Yes, I grabbed an espresso while I was waiting for the bath to fill. Oh the luxury of hotel living.

Now, about those sleep sets. They’re all here and I tried to incorporate as many size inclusive sets that I could find out there! Enjoy…every woman of every shape and size! x



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