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I feel like I’m featuring a lot of H&M at the moment. Well, perhaps better to say I’m featuring a lot more than I ever have before. What can I say? They are bringing it this season, in an epic fashion. Every week I seem to open the website and see a dress that I’d have over anything ten times the cost, and will most likely keep forever. I’ve also been listening a lot to you guys and, right now, a lot of us are pinching the pennies. We still want to be able to buy in the occasional new thing. But, we want that new thing to have a long shelf live, a great many ways to wear and, most importantly, have a fit that will make us feel fabulous. So, those are all the things I’m keeping in mind when I choose what to showcase.

Before we look at today’s try on, let’s talk the basics. I am a girl that stands at 6’2. I also wear a size 18UK, size 14-16US. When I talk about size here, it’s all UK sizing. Please also note that affiliate links are used in this post.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Long Chiffon Dress


Sizes XS-XL (I am wearing an XL)

This was the first dress I added to my shopping bag, which led to the big shop. You know what I’m talking about. There’s always one and then you think, “well, while I’m buying, I might as well look around and make sure there’s nothing else here.” It’s a slippery slope. But, this dress was well worth it. It’s that beautiful, boho chic, look. It’s fabulously long, oversized and billows in the wind like you’re auditioning for a part as Helen of Troy. However, look closer. This dress has a lot going on for something so simple. The true beauty is found in the arms. They are sheer! But in a beautifully sophisticated way. You can wear a bra…so take that fear out of your thought process. You can play with how open or closed you want the dress to be, as well, with three hook and eye closures in the bodice. There is also a playful slit up the front. On the hanger, you wouldn’t notice any of these subtle highlights of the garment right away. I sure didn’t. When I put it on, the dress came alive. This is a true classic that you will have forever and wear a dozen different ways and always find yourself overwhelmed with compliments.

Satin Blouse


Sizes XS-XL (I’m wearing a size XL)

Linen Black Short


Sizes XS-XXL (I’m wearing a size XXL)

I ordered these two as separates, never predicting them as a match, then I ended up putting them together and actually left the house in this outfit with brown sandals and big chunky gold jewellery on to jazz it up. The shirt, I had pictured being worn with jeans or over a similar coloured silk trouser. The idea was for it to dress up a casual bottom. And it ended up doing exactly that, but I never pictured the shorts pairing…mainly because I hate wearing shorts. There, I’ve said it. But, the oversized nature of the shirt seemed to pair perfectly with these shorts.

So, the shorts. Well, I ordered these not having too much hope. I opened them and still wasn’t really thinking much. But something happened when I slipped them on. They ended up being that perfect length, not too long to look momsy and not too short to look like a teenager, just that perfect in between length. It led me to order three more pairs in different colours. I ordered an XXL thinking I wanted them to be super oversized and it has worked out for the best. They are oversized, in the way a paperbag trouser is. They have an elastic waist, so I can cinch in and could have easily fit into an XL, but love how the extra sizing feels. It’s comfortable and comfort equals confidence. I cannot recommend these two enough as a pair or as separates. Both are great wardrobe staples!

T-Shirt Dress


Sizes XXS-XL (I’m wearing an XL)

I’ve been talking a lot about building basics into your wardrobe and I’d just like to reassure you that wardrobe staples don’t need to cost you the earth. This is my case in point. It doesn’t get more basic than this. This is a white t-shirt dress. It’s just a long t-shirt. Really, that’s it. But, I see a dress that can be worn every day of the week in a completely different way so that people ask every time, “where did you get that amazing piece?” This is a piece every woman can wear and make completely their own. It’s all in how you accessorise it. My first wearing was simply with a jean jacket. Easy as that, so I wanted to share how it can be instantly transformed. Thinking this deserves a ten wears to wear so watch this space!

Embroidered Dress


Sizes 4-22 (I’m wearing a size 18)

I don’t need to say much about this dress. It says enough all on its own. It’s a “throw on and go” number. It’s easy, beautiful, a gorgeous cut and the perfect length. If you’re tall, it hits at that midaxi dress length, just above the ankles. If you’re shorter, it’s a true maxi dress, right to the floor and would look great with a beautiful flat sandal. It’s a light cotton, so don’t worry if you’re looking for a dress that will keep you from melting in the heat. This is nice and airy, folks. Buy true to size!

Jersey Dress


Sizes XS-XL (I”m wearing an XL)

Another great basic to talk about here. You know I can’t say no to a stripe. I just can’t. It’s not possible. So, this was a no brainer. But, it comes with a “must.”  This is a dress that needs a belt. I talk about this over on instagram stories and showcase the difference a belt makes. The stripes don’t match up where they’ve sewn the bottom and top – annoying as hell but also usually the clear difference between high end and high street. It’s all about the attention to detail. A belt will make that whole default disappear. Add a blazer on top and you have the perfect work dress! It’s all about how you pair it, darlings 🙂

Linen Mix Blazer


Sizes 4-22 (I’m wearing a size 20)

Crocheted Skirt


Sizes XS-XL (I’m wearing a size XL)

Another combo that was an unexpected pairing. The jacket is one that I bought because I have had so many questions about where to buy a good linen blazer. This one’s a linen mix. It’s easy to wear, comes oversized, so would look great with everything from wide leg trousers to skinny jeans…. or a crocheted skirt. And when it comes to crocheted skirts,  I didn’t even know I needed one in my wardrobe until I found this one. It’s beautiful, truly beautiful. And looks so much more expensive than it is. It feels very old Ralph Lauren! So yeah, you had to know I’d fall in love with something that makes me think of Ralph…and with this price tag!

Crinkled Cotton Dress


Size XS-XXL (I’m wearing a size XXL)

This is a sizing lesson, people. I ordered an XXL, thinking I might need the extra size for length as it looked quite mini. Well, what I got was a dress that was easily two or three sizes too big for me. It’s a great style, and I reordered it in a large and an XL to see if one fits me better. It’s a cute dress, easy to wear and would be great on a beach. But, I couldn’t believe how oversized it was. This is just a reminder… you can order a thousand times from the same retailer and still get it wrong with size. Don’t get frustrated. This is all part of the online ordering game! Look at it as a surprise… just a surprise. Not good, not bad, just that you never know what you’re going to get. And when it works, it’s just magic!


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