Try On: Free People… for plus size?!

I’ve been wanting to do a try on with Free People for a while now. It’s another one of those brands that’s often overlooked by women over a size 14. And I can’t say it’s a surprise. This is not a brand that has a plus size, or medium sized, model anywhere. Literally no where. And, well, I find that a great shame, because I have been buying their products for years. I’ve been wearing their dresses, sweaters and lounge sets for as long as I can remember and they are some of my favourite items in my closet. But, again, there seems to be no interest from the brand in sharing the fact that their clothes can be worn by women with asses and boobs, bigger arms and wobbly thighs. Free People… I’m here if you want to talk about reaching a larger audience of women that can wear and will buy your clothes, and I thought I’d get a head start by doing a try on. So, dear reader, this is as much for Free People as it is for you today. Could there be a chance that Free People doesn’t know they are designing so that women as large as size 18 can wear their clothing? And Free People, could there be a future in which you think about increasing your sizes to include even more women in your beautiful wardrobing? We’re here and ready to shop!

Alright, that little pitch is done. Let’s get stuck in, so I can show you some discoveries. A few things I would like to say up front. First of all, I haven’t featured here all the things I already own from Free People. I will say I must have about thirty Free People basis tees. They are the best on the market and I can’t recommend them enough as basics to incorporate into your wardrobe immediately. I wear a large or XL depending on the style in nearly everything and it’s oversized… still! Just putting that out there for anyone looking for great basics above all else.

Now, important details. I am a woman that stands 6’2, I wear a size 18UK, a US 14-16. I’ll state what sizes I’ve worn in each piece featured below. Please note that affiliate links are used in this post! Ok, here we go…

Oasis Midi Dress


Sizes XS-XL (Wearing a size large)

I bought this same exact dress in black two years ago and have tried to buy more colours over the years, with little luck in getting in there on time to grab an XL. I ordered this in a large because that’s all that had left…they go quickly! But, the large ended up being big enough by a mile. Turns out I didn’t need the XL after all. If only I’d known. And here’s the thing about Free People… large is often enough. And XL could easily fit for someone up to a size 22. It’s all about giving it a go and seeing what works. For me, I always look out for where it stretches. This has all around stretch and a large skirt which allows for “room to move.” I knew immediately this would work and you do develop that confidence with brands the more you shop with them. You learn their thinking with design and you buy accordingly.

Hailee Sweater Set


Sizes XS-XL (Wearing a size XL)

This was my favourite out of the whole order and I will be living in this from here on out while in the house. It’s so comfortable, so oversized and so perfect for lounging. This is what I call luxury lounging. It’s suitable for company, if you know what I mean. What I wear to bed I’d never wear around other people – as it’s often a tee and shorts. But, this sort of ensemble I’d happily answer the door in, run to the supermarket in, or watch a movie with friends while wearing. I love the waffle knit! Truly, this is the most comfortable thing I now own! Oh, and it’s stretch, so you can move about freely, strike a yoga pose, even, if the mood strikes you.

Happy Feelings Midi Dress


Sizes XS-XL (Wearing a size XL)

One that was a bit of a risk as this is a stretch free dress, but it had big sleeves and seemed slightly oversized, so I went for it. The fit was ok. I could easily get away with it on a beach, over a suit, or with a different bra that has a mega plunge. I went with it for this try on, in a normal bra, so you could see where I found difficulty. If you are a woman with breasts, you might find this challenging, unless you are smaller in general, or a woman that doesn’t mind showing off the bra. It was a perfect fit everywhere else and I adored the arms on the dress. Bummer it didn’t fit in the bust, so sadly this was an instant return.

Lena Midi Dress


Sizes XS-XL (Wearing an XL)

Free People’s tees are the best in the biz and that accolade extends to the tees that fall to the floor. Their maxi/midi tee dresses are an obsession of mine. They are easy basics to throw on and go. They are also that great weight that means they fall nicely without catching on any lump and bumps that might be unflattering. For a brand that doesn’t design for larger women, they have somehow ended up being one of the most flattering for larger women! Go figure! There are a dozen dresses just like this one on the site, so if subtle ruffles aren’t your thing, check out the other ones they currently have in stock!

Comfy Pullover


Sizes XS-L (wearing a M/L)

Here’s what Free People does better than any other brand – comfy clothes. Truly. That isn’t an exaggeration. If I need a day of just feeling loungy and comfortable, I always end up in something Free People. I know I can put on this brand and feel fabulous in how I look and feel. It’s why I keep buying from them and why I’m happy to report that it’s a brand worth looking into as a plus size woman. The comfy pullover is another piece that falls into that category of comfort and style. It’s a waffle knit oversized sweater that I now own in two colourways. It’s a great layering piece – light enough for a cool summer night and perfect for layering in winter for more warmth! Cannot say enough about this beautiful piece. So soft and currently wearing as I type and keep thinking there aren’t words to do this piece justice.

Now, I’ve had another look at the site and I wanted to point out a few things I already own that are well worth adding to your wardrobe. They are in stock now and in sizes large and XL, for those looking. These are all pieces I absolutely adore and can’t say enough good things about:


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