Try On: 9 must have pieces from the Joules SS20 Sale

I am super excited about this try on, because this is a brand that is truly worth shouting about. This is Joules and they carry up to a size 20 in all of their clothes, and up to a size 26 in a great many styles. That’s something to celebrate, people. Any brand that chooses to include as many people as possible is one I want to shout about from the rooftops! So Joules, thank you. This is my love letter to you and all your things stripey and beyond.

I ordered about a dozen items in their sale and these are the items I had to feature immediately. The sale is so good with items up to 60% off…and they are all classics that you’ll keep in your wardrobe forever.

A few notes as always. I wear a UK Size 18. That’s an American 14-16. I am 6’2, so keep that in mind when thinking about the length of things. Also note that affiliate links are used throughout this post.

And as always, I’d love to see you in your purchases, if you find anything you love! So feel free to share them over on the gram, so I can share them with the world. And if you want to see the items in action, they are in my instagram stories for the next 24 hours and in the July Try On Highlight after that!

Harbour Embroidered Long Sleeve Jersey Top

Was £29.95, Now £17.95

USA: Was $49.95, now $21.95

Sizes 6-26

Starting with my personal favourite of the bunch. In case you can’t see it properly, that’s an alligator coming out of my pocket that says “snappy dresser.” Tell me that isn’t made for me to wear on the island in South Carolina as I roam the waterways hoping no gators come out to play!  It’s a great fit, a little oversized, but a fabulous material that I am sure will wash and wear well for many years to come. You will see this again as I bought a matching skirt and will pair them for outfit perfection. More on this later.

Harbour Print Long Sleeve Tee

Was £29.95, Now £20.95

USA: $44.95

Size 6-26

There are a lot of stripes here. Just warning you now. This one is just a fun top and perfect for lazy summer days when you just want to throw something on and go. Be warned, it’s a little tight in the arms, so if you have larger arms, I’d recommend sizing up one. I think that has to do with the print on the tee. But, it’s worth going a size larger.

Carley Classic Crew Neck

Was £24.95, Now £12.95

Sizes 6-26

And here in starts the piece for dog lovers. If you’re a sausage dog fan, this should be on your radar. Also, it’s a tissue type tee, so nice and light and perfect for days so hot you’d rather wear nothing at all. It’s true to size…oh, and I love it!

Harbour Embroidered Long Sleeve Tee

Was £29.95, Now £25.95

USA: Was $49.95, now $31.95

Size 6-26

Another doggie for ya! Dear Joules – can you do a golden retriever next season? This is another heavy weight long sleeve tee. Read that to mean great quality that will wash and wear well forever. What’s not to love about a dog in a matching tee? Runs true to size and it’s soft… oh so soft!

Lorena Embroidered Shirt

Was £54.95, Now £38.95

USA: $77.95

Sizes 6-20

How could I resist this? The frog prince and one kiss. Just too cute for words. Word of warning, it does run a tad small in the shoulders and arms and, if you’re tall, you’ll need to roll the sleeves as they are a little short on me. But for you, with normal sized arms, it will be fit perfection!

Callie Print Wrap Dress

Was £79.95, Now £31.95

USA: $109.95

Sizes 6-20

And now we enter our dress section of the try on. What kind of try on would it be without dresses? This one is perfect for summer. It’s a real wrap dress, has deep pockets and feels lighter than air. I can’t recommend this enough. Gorgeous on and you’ll look so chic and it’s all so easy! Try wearing with a pair of converse and you’ll look like the coolest girl on the block 🙂

Chloe Fixed Wrap Dress

Was £79.95, Now £39.95

USA: Was £112.95, now $55.95

Sizes 6-20

Ok, this dress gets a special mention as it’s a seasonless style. You can wear this any time of year. Wear it in the summer as is, and in the winter with boots and a coat. It’s the dream four seasons dress really. It also fits true to size and has sleeves that are the dream! More colours in this please, Joules!

Chrissie Waisted Linen Dress

Was £74.95, Now £29.95

Sizes 6-26

Probably my least favourite of the lot, but mainly because I ordered too big. I should have gone down a size in this dress to caption the waist. At the moment, it just sits too big. So keep that in mind when ordering. Maybe order two sizes – your own and one smaller to check! It’s a beautiful and light linen though – not the scratchy kind, which is a miracle!

Lorena Stripe Shirt 

Was £69.95, Now £27.95

USA: Was $97.95, Now $33.95

Sizes 6-26

Woven Skirt

Was £59.95, Now £23.95

USA: Was $79.95, Now $31.95

Sizes 6-20

Oh how I love this set! I need to order one size up in the skirt, but the rest is perfection. This look is so chic and so versatile. They don’t pair it together on the site, that’s my doing. I love a matching set. I just can’t help myself. If you want stripes with a contemporary flare, this is your baby. Also perfect outfit for heading back to the office, don’t you think?

That’s it for the try on, but several new pieces have come into sale since I ordered. Here are the new pieces that need to be on your radar:


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