Try On: 9 Boden Summer Sale pieces to buy now!

Another day, another delivery! But this one I squealed about when opening. So much colour! I was in heaven! I had just done a try on with pieces that were quite basic and safe, so opening this box was something akin to releasing a rainbow into my life. This is all Boden, all summer… and all SALE! There are so many good pieces here. Check out my reaction to every piece over on Instagram Stories if you want to see everything in motion. But here, we’re going to discuss all the things to love about Boden right now and why each and every one of these pieces will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

If you’ve bought from Boden before, you will know that these pieces are worth every penny. The quality is wonderful, they think of things like putting pockets in every garment and the prices are killer at sale season. So, each and every piece, I’ll say up front, gets my seal of approval.

So a few notes. Unless otherwise stated, I’m wearing an 18Uk in every piece, that’s a 14/16 US. I’m also standing at 6’2. So keep this in mind when you think of length. And, please note affiliate links are used in this post. I will also just say that the entire sale is worth searching in your size. There are so many good deals at the moment and truly beautiful pieces that are for every taste! Now, ready to get stuck in? Let’s go!

Isadora Shirt Dress

Was £98, now £68.60

This one is definitely a keeper. I bought it in the longer size, so it would hit at a more flattering place on the leg and the idea worked. It’s the perfect length. So, something to consider when purchasing. Let’s say, first up, that it has functional pockets, it’s a great breathable silky cotton and the print is a print. It’s not plastered on or embroidered – makes a huge difference when you are wanting to throw something light and airy on in the summer. The attention to detail in this dress, with the print running not only straight down the dress, but also in the cuffs, makes this a very special piece indeed.

Embroidered Midi Skirt

Was £90, now £45

Again with the pockets! Boden, I love you! This a-line skirt is a real beauty and something that you will most certainly keep forever and pass down. The embroidery is simply spectacular and I can’t say how much I adore that crazy pink flamingo. I will say I sized up one to allow more room for the hips, which I always do for an a-line skirt.

Pleated Skirt

Was £85, now £51

Apologies, I am well aware that this needs a steam. That’s the problem with try-ons – I’m trying them on straight out of the package. Sadly, for this skirt, I think that holds back its true beauty. It’s a skirt that most certainly is a statement and attention grabber. You make this outfit all about this skirt, for sure. So, I would always pair with a pretty simple top, or go as crazy as a breton stripe, but no further. Fits true to size.

Paper Bag Shorts 6 inch

Was £50, now £25

Alright, we’ve got a two-fer here. I tried these on in both six inch and nine inch inseams. I’ll show you both, but let’s start with the six inch. They are beautiful paperbag shorts. They fit true to size and they are super light and very comfortable. Also love the chic stripe. I am not the biggest fan of shorts, but these are as close as I’ll come to wearing them out and about. And I do definitely prefer the six inch. But, let me show you the nine inch inseam…

Paper Bag Shorts 9 inch

Was £50, now £25

Here you go, the nine inch. I would say these would look good on any body shape, but if you are more comfortable wearing full coverage shorts, these are your bag. Again, brilliant fit and very comfy, and both inseamed shorts run true to size!

Padstow Wide Leg Trouser

Was £70, now £49

I feel like I need to say up front that these are meant to be full length trousers. Let’s remember I’m tall. But, even as a capri length, I adore them! They are bright, beautiful and oh so comfortable. They have a flattering waist to them with a wide waist band and they have pockets! With a white button down shirt…. done! Run true to size!

The Sweatshirt

Was £55, now £27

Do I even have to tell you why I love this one so much?! It’s my ode to London. I may have left the city, for a while, but I also left my heart there, soon to be retrieved! 🙂 I adore this sweatshirt and I think any fan of London will as well. I bought in an XL but could have bought a large if I wanted it to be more snug and less of a comfy entry into my closet!

Embroidered Midi Dress

Was £110, Now £55

The flamingo is back! I couldn’t just order it in skirt form, when there was a dress too. I adore this. I ordered one size larger so that I could fit these wide hips into it. That’s one thing I know from years of trying on clothes – anything with a slim skirt will need a bit more room. You could even buy two sizes too big and wear this as an oversized dress. It’s beautiful and such a good deal right now!

Victoria Midi Dress

Was £130, now £78

I left my favourite for last. I actually started this whole order because I saw this dress in an ad while on another website. I couldn’t believe it was Boden. I thought it was Gucci! Oh how I swooned, and the rest is history. It’s on sale, so I feel like I bagged a real bargain. But let’s just talk about the crossgrain cuffs and belt. Just makes the dress. This is a one in a million. It also runs true to size! Run, now, buy!


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