The Week in Review: We bought a sofa, celebrated the fourth and ate a Sunday Roast out!

As weeks go, this one was pretty darn eventful for us, and we really had no plans for it to be any different or more exciting than previous weeks. These things just tend to happen. Yes, we bought our first piece of furniture together. Yes, we celebrated the fourth of July in rainy England and, yes, we even had our first Sunday Roast in a pub, after four months of trying to remember if our roasts were anywhere near as good (or better) than the local roast at the pubs! But there’s a lot more to the story. This is The Week in Review…Enjoy!

Monday – We Bought a Sofa!

Yup, there she is! And yes, there’s a story here. We were out looking for sofas and popped into DFS. I was not keen on the idea of buying a sofa from DFS. I had heard the wait can be miserable and that most of the sofas look and feel a bit more contemporary than I’d be interested in. But, in we went and I sort of kicked around rather uninterested and unenthused by what we were seeing, until we got to the clearance section in the back. It was there that I met “Rose.” Yes, I am naming our sofa. She has a beautiful light blue stripe throughout and a rather bold floral print on the backing pillows. However, many would be put off by such a bold sofa. I thought it was the perfect cottage addition! I called Steve over and said, “I know you are going to hate this, but wait.” He actually said he liked it. Then, I turned the pillows around so that it was striped all over, no florals, and he loved it. Now, I’m not saying we won’t stick with the florals, but having the option to make them disappear is perhaps something no one else had thought of when looking at “Rose.” She also is exactly the measurements for a sofa we need to fit into a window space. Done and done. Rose will arrive next week and I can’t wait to welcome her to the family. Oh, should also note that the sofa was originally £1295 and custom made, but was returned when it didn’t fit through the front door of the original owner’s house. More on this later.

Tuesday – I cooked Chicken Parm and Cuddled With Bonjour while writing

So just a quick update on Bonjour. While Steve records his podcasts, I always write. And I always write on the rather miserable sofa we have at the moment. Only, to Bonjour this sofa is anything but miserable. She loves it and every time, without fail, Steve is working, Bonjour finds a home next to me.

After we finished our work, we both craved a carb loaded meal. It was rainy and disgusting, so we went for a comforting pasta. I cooked chicken parmesan for the first time and it was a rip roaring success.

Wednesday – Antique shopping! 

I’ve officially got the bug, now. I’m on the hunt for all antiques shops, car boot sales and more. Things are starting to reopen and along with it, I’m opening my wallet. This could be dangerous. There’s a warehouse near the village, that we found on google, that has 3,000 square feet of antiques brought over from Europe. We made an appointment to come in and have a look around and left with so many ideas. We’re headed back next week, after they get a massive new shipment in. But, I bought a new massive vintage watering can and an oversized flour tin for the kitchen. You’ll see more on both in the coming months!

Thursday – Discovering Arlesford

This was my first trip into Arlesford. It’s a small village about fifteen minutes from us. Steve’s mom used to love to visit this sweet little spot, so we wanted to pay tribute to her this week (sadly on the first anniversary of her death), by visiting a few of her favourite places . We didn’t have an agenda, but instead just decided to wander. It’s not massive. There’s no risk of getting lost on what is really a two street situation. So, off we went. It is a beautiful little corner of the world. From the pastel coloured houses that reminded me of Notting Hill to the sweet (but insanely overpriced) interiors shops nailing cottage chic, this was a lovely day out and about.

Friday – Winchester return for a pop into Hambledon

We had to quickly pop back into Winchester on Friday and, while we were there, I decided to pop into a shop I had hundreds of people DM me about on Instagram last time I was in town. This is The Hambledon and, yes, it’s sweet and oh so very chic. They have everything from Ren Skincare to Meadows dresses, and more. We had a good little look around the three floors. It felt like I was back in London, at a cute little outpost in Hackney. Oh so cool. Maybe even a little too cool for me.

Saturday – Fourth Of July Feast at home!

Happy Fourth of July, all! Our day was one that was rather uneventful as the weather was miserable. We got up, got dressed, with me wearing a Ralph Lauren American Flag Teddy Bear Sweater and Steve wearing all black (typical), and went for a long walk in the hills. And when we came home we made the decision to celebrate the Fourth of July by running to Marks & Spencer and buying a lot of calorific American foods. So, we had onion rings, mac and cheese bites, hot dogs and chicken wings, with a side of a can of good ole Coca-Cola. What a way to celebrate…by promising a heart attack later! Ugh! It was a hard day. I missed my family. And hell, there’s no point hiding that I medicate with food. Always have. It’s something that needs to be addressed. But I’m leaving it there for now.

Sunday – Sunday Roast and a Walk with Friends

Ok, so I have to start this by saying that Steve and I have expressed no interest in being a part of the crazy pub revival. We haven’t missed it that much and we really wanted to wait and see how things panned out before we dipped our toes in. But, on Sunday, we were passing by one of our favourite pubs in the village and a friend of Steve’s was going in, after having discovered there was no one sitting in the beer garden. We went in, asked if we could sit in the garden and have one pint, and were delivered pints and a menu for Sunday Roasts. We couldn’t resist, so ordered up and prayed there wouldn’t be a massive drop of people. We shared the massive garden with six people, sat no where near each other and felt the whole event was absolutely lovely. It happened completely by accident, but it felt good to support the local pub and to pretend, for at least an hour, that things were normal again.

We then went home to have a nap, as we haven’t had pints and food for a while and forgot how wonderful a Sunday snooze after a filling lunch can feel. Slept off the cider and then met up with a friend to walk in the fields at sunset. All in, I’d say it was a Sunday to remember. Actually, it was a week to remember.

And that’s this week in review. Let’s hope there’s just as much to report next week. Only time will tell… see you next Monday for a recap!


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