The Week in Review: Big Macs and Visiting Homes of Fairies

The weeks are all starting to blur together and, if I’m being honest, this weekly review is helping me to look back and make sense of it all. I don’t want the weeks to just disappear, but that’s how they are starting to feel. Maybe it’s that we’re getting older or perhaps it has something to do with everything feeling a little too surreal at the moment. Who knows? I do know this week has been one of simple pleasures. Moments like sinking my teeth into a Big Mac… oh how I’ve missed those. Or the moment in which I discover the home of a fairy out on a sunset walk. I can say one thing for absolutely sure, this time in my own history is full of little moments. Every little thing seems more special, even visits to Ikea. The “grateful meter” is out of control. Just happy to be here, healthy and ready for adventures outside my own backyard to resume soon!

Can we make every Monday a McDonald’s day? I know not everyone is a big fan of the American chain, but I will freely admit that at least 20 lbs of this body of mine comes from this junk food addiction. It’s my comfort food. Give me a Big Mac and fries and you’ll see a happy girl indeed. I tried to make a Big Mac for us in lockdown, and it just didn’t even touch this boxed burger. So, yeah, that’s a pretty happy face. It’s the face of someone happy to welcome the double arches back into my life. And that was, quite honestly, the highlight of Monday. Also the only picture I took that day. Says it all really. And for those abroad that are wondering – McDonald’s was closed in the UK for the entirety of lockdown. When they first opened again, with drive thru only, the lines were hours long. We waited a bit for things to calm down. But even getting this meal, we waited in line for 35 minutes. Well worth it and I’d do it again. Welcome back, Mickey D’s.

On Tuesday, I ventured back into London. I had breakfast with an old friend at her house in Richmond Park. As I drove to the house, on the top of the hill, I saw a few famous Richmond Park faces! Yup, you can get up close and personal with these roaming beauties around the park. I drove by slowly, making sure not to scare the wildlife as I climbed the hill.

After breakfast, I made my way into Chelsea, where I had a meeting at the Chelsea Psychic Garden. I decided to walk around the King’s Road to see what the vibe was in town. Besides seeing a few masks here and there, it seemed business as usual. There were a lot of people out and about and a great many people sitting in open spaces. You wouldn’t think anything had changed. It was nice to feel normal for a little bit. But, at the same time, I felt slightly uncomfortable seeing so many people in one space. I know… I know. But, I’ve become used to existing in the middle of nowhere and seeing no one. Going to have to acclimate myself a bit better to groups of people.

Speaking of groups of people, who’s been to an Ikea since they reopened? We desperately needed a few more bits for the house and I was willing to risk an Ikea visit to see our options. I expected there to be lines, crazy lines. In reality, there were only about a hundred people in the whole warehouse. There was no queue to check out. People were very nice and civilised and kept their distance. All in, the nicest Ikea visit I’ve had to date. And…. we bought another sofa!!!!!!!! We also bought a few random bits, but the sofa was what we were most excited about. So, sofa buying is closed for now. Thank God.

So, the poor boyfriend got a stomach bug in the middle of all of this madness. I don’t need to go into details, but I was pretty worried about him. We called 111 and ended up getting a prescription for him, which they needed me to go to Sainsbury’s to collect. This is the first time I had gone out by myself, for a shop. I was going for the prescription and to stock up on a few more things so we wouldn’t have to go out again for a while. So, this was the first time I didn’t have a man wanting to go in and get out. I had time to look at a few frivolous things. Don’t worry. The boyfriend was resting soundly as I took fifteen minutes to run through the Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing section. And what I found blew my mind. They had colourful Birkenstock style sandals for £5! I bought a pair in pink and yellow. They also had some incredible deals on dresses. All of this is just to say it’s inspired me to write a grocery clothing post….coming soon!

Friday was a do nothing day. I caught up on American Taxes (don’t get me started) and sorted through a few bits and bobs for the business as Steve slept off his sickness (which they think was food poisoning by the way….from a chicken dinner I cooked… damn!). I also did a few press clippings. The first, a hair feature in Women & Home Magazine, I knew was coming out in print. The second, a most flattering mention in the back of Caroline Hirons’ new skincare book, took me by complete surprise and left me in an overly emotional state. The women I have met since starting FFG… I cannot ever put into words the way in which my family has grown from having no sisters at all to having dozens, Caroline included! Thank you, CH!

On Saturday, we went for a walk, trying to get fresh some air back into Steve’s system. I’ve done this walk a dozen times and never before noticed a tree with a very special decoration at its trunk. This tree is the village fairy tree. Yes, we have fairies and they live here, in the sweetest little home where they are showing their support for the NHS with the beautiful rainbow hanging above their front door. Imagine being a child and discovering this. As if this place wasn’t magical enough with its perfect roses and thatched roof cottages. What next? Talking bunny rabbits named Thumper? Watch this space.

Sunday…. snooze day. We did nothing. Absolutely nothing. We watched Keanu Reeves films. Does that count as something? We finished the day with the romantic classic, “The Lake House.” I don’t think Steve will ever forgive me for taking away two hours of his life to watch that film. I don’t care how unrealistic it is. I adore that beautiful film and if you haven’t seen it, get involved right now!

Signing off until tomorrow! There’s a try on coming… get ready! It’s a goodie 🙂


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