5 Finds Online: Lobster slippers, grape earrings, cowboy sweaters and more…


A Ralph Lauren sweater featuring a cowboy teddy with real fringe?! And that’s just the start of this week’s 5 finds online. So many good discoveries made from spending way too much time shopping online. All too happy to report that I use this blog as an excuse way too often. When I get a call from the kitchen, “what are you up to?,” I simply respond, “research,” as I scroll another new site discovered through instagram or twitter. If only my American Express could understand. I feel like Mr. Card is judging me these days for reckless usage. But hey, I’d hate to recommend anything to you I haven’t tried first myself. So with that little monologue complete, let’s look into what’s on tap for five finds… (Note: affiliate links used in this post)

Cowboy Polo Bear Jumper


Sizes XXS-XL

Like I said before… a cowboy teddy sweater with actual fringe?! I have a collection of Ralph Teddy Sweaters and this one just became the favourite. It’s perfect and has been brought out in summer as it’s what I call an “all weather weight.” You can wear it on its own in summer or layer it for warmth in winter. For £249, you want this piece to be all seasons, don’t you? Actually, for such a chic design, you want to be able to wear it in all weather. I literally squealed when I saw this for the first time. Just too good, guys!

Grape Pendant Earrings


One Size 

These oversized grape earrings speak for themselves. They are the statement that will carry any outfit to the next level. From a white t-shirt and jeans to a chic striped dress. Plus, you guys know I love any excuse to wear food as fashion.

Edited by Erica Davies Woven Striped Pouffe


One Size

Guys, I want to get serious here for a second. I’ve been looking for a pouffe for our living room for a while. My good friend Erica Davies designed this one for QVC as part of her home collection. I wasn’t sure how big it would be as the picture doesn’t tell you much for size. But, I am pleased to report it is the perfect size for putting your feet up while on the couch. It doesn’t budge if you are resting your feet (you know how some slide with the slightest pressure…this one stays put!) and it’s so darn comfortable. Everyone that has come over has asked about it and I always light up with the opportunity to brag about a friend doing something amazing in this world.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California x Quentin Monge


Size 100ml Limited Edition Set 

I have worn the same scent everyday for the past ten years. However, during lockdown, I ran out of said scent and they weren’t operating during the shutdown. Queue an unexpected delivery from the beauties at Atelier Cologne and a scent that actually made me cry when I sprayed it. It was California in a bottle and it hit home. I don’t know how they knew. Well, they didn’t know, but it’s romantic to think they did know I needed a slice of California in my life right now. In fact, there is a new collaboration with the brand and the artist Quentin Monge, and the end result is the most beautiful packaging that will make you smile from ear to ear each time you take out the bottle to spray.

Lobster Brooch Fluffy Sandals


Sizes Small, Medium and Large

Oh these lobster slippers! The entire range is selling out quickly. They also have panthers and octopus slippers…oh, and many more. But, have you ever seen something so chic for kicking around the house? If there is a second lockdown, you’ll want these for slipping into!


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