10 Black Owned Brands to Shop Now and Forever

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching black owned brands, and in particular trying to highlight those owned by women! In the coming months, years, decades, as long as I’m alive and running my blog and my mouth, basically, you’ll continue to see me trying my best to diversify this feed. Today, I’d like to specifically spotlight ten black brands that I’m shopping or perusing at the moment. These are ten brands that feature beautiful products in all price ranges and, for many, all sizes! The sizes part, I know is always my biggest hold up when shopping any new brand. But, you won’t be disappointed by the options presented herewith! Happy Shopping!

Sika Designs

Full of colour and offering a range of styles that are simply magnificent and original, this collection is a spring summer joy to discover! The red dress, however, is my new season favourite. Available in sizes up to 18!

Chic Geeks

I am obsessed with Chic Geeks and have ordered two laptop covers from them….and can say only good things! This is the chicest way I know to outfit your laptop and phone. So, the name fits 🙂

Brother Vellies

I don’t even know where to start here. So, I’ll start with what I was most excited about. The shoes from Brother Vellies go up to a size 11, sometimes a 12! They are also absolutely gorgeous….. tell me you don’t want those croc boots right now?!


My introduction to this brand was through this beautiful maxi dress. When I saw it,  I was reminded of being at home, on a South Carolina river. Researching further, I discovered that this was an image from the Congo River. I loved how the designer and I shared the same vision of home. This piece may be my favourite, but there are so many others that I adore. But what I love the most? This brand is size inclusive!


These bags are handcrafted by women in Ghana. The details in each bag are impeccable with every piece featuring different colours, shapes and textures. I have completely fallen in love with this brand. You will find yourself lost in the beauty of each bag as you dive into the collections!

 Beauty Bakerie

I’ve ordered all three of these products. How fabulous is this brand? Beyond being absolutely fantastic with branding, Cult Beauty also endorses this brand! The pigments are said to be fabulous and the setting spray is said to be some of the best. Definitely check this out!


Kemi Telford

This is an instagram favourite. I don’t know many girls that I follow that don’t own a Kemi Telford dress and with good reason. They are beautiful prints, flattering styles and a fabulous soul behind the brand. Make sure to sign up to the newsletter as every piece sells out quickly. They are moderately priced and come up to a size XL.

Lem Lem 

Known for it’s relaxed aesthetic, this is the perfect brand to explore for your next vacation shopping moment. I could easily travel to any tropical destination and wear Lem Lem exclusively!

Stella Jean

I’ve been obsessed with Stella Jean since her debut. I had the chance to meet the woman behind the brand a few years ago, as she collaborated with Marina Rinaldi,  and I was instantly smitten. I grab any piece I can find that will fit me! But, that’s the tough part. She’s a high end designer, so doesn’t usually cut for a curvier figure. But, when you can find one that works, you grab it quickly! I have four of the pieces from her Marina Rinaldi Collection and I wear them constantly.

Fe Noel

This is very much the cruise collection of dreams. Light and airy pieces for spring summer and some beautiful leather accessories to boot!


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