Try on: 7 Spring Summer Dresses from Monsoon

Last week, I placed a massive order for spring summer dresses on Monsoon. I got a little overexcited about the world opening up again and was convinced I needed a few new dresses for garden outings with friends. So rather than sending a few back, I thought I’d share the entire order with you, with a few notes on fit, style and overall approval rating. Some stayed and some went back, but here’s the full story (note: affiliate links used):

Ps. Apologies for looking a bit disheveled. Decided to capture the try fresh out of the shower without a lick of makeup. Hey, I’m amongst friends here, right?

Look One:

This is actually not a dress! This is a separates ensemble and this was my first keeper.  The shirt is currently 50% off, while the skirt is still full priced. But, if you love it now, grab both pieces. If you have to choose one, choose the skirt. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece. With wide pockets on the side, it’s the dream skirt. It’s light, airy, so much so that it feels like you are wearing nothing at all! It runs true to size, but has an elasticated back, so if your size isn’t available, you can order a size down and get away with it.

This was my other keeper. I absolutely adore this dress and it seems I’m not alone. It’s selling out fast. Now, I’d like to note something up front with this. This is actually two dresses in one. The slip underneath is a beautiful blue and can be worn on its own with a strapless bra and a chic belt. Love a two-fer! The fit is oversized, so you can size down if you want. But, I prefer it oversized. It’s comfy, chic and oh so fitting for an afternoon in the garden with friends.

This dress is now 50% off! However, I returned this dress. It wasn’t because I didn’t love it. It’s because I have way too many maxis in my closet! Way too many. This one was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. But, I find it’s a bit too casual for what I would normally wear a maxi dress for. This is a beach dress. It’s a dress you can throw on and go, over a bathing suit, or for a lazy day in your back garden. If you’re wanting to channel your inner Ibiza vacation lady, this is for you!

Another one I returned as it’s a little too “business” for my new life in the country. It’s a beautiful dress. But, it’s silky, it doesn’t breathe as well as the others and I can’t imagine it on a long country walk. I can imagine it in the city, in a meeting, at a cocktail party and beyond. In my London life, I would have kept this in a heartbeat. For country living, it doesn’t suit.

This is another option for comfort dressing at home. It’s an oversized fit, is bright and beautiful with the print, and will be a wonderful length on most. Sadly, for this over six foot tall frame, it hit me at exactly the wrong place on my legs. It needed to be longer or shorter, and at the moment I’m buying minimal items that need tailoring, as I can get anything tailored until all this is over! But, if you are shorter or taller than me, haha, this would be ideal for a house dress or a garden party with friends!

For ten years, I worked the corporate life. That meant my whole wardrobe was 50 shades of black. It’s also why you never see me wearing black now. It reminds me of days of old. However, I was swayed to order this as I thought it was a beautiful combination of lace and structure. It is. I stand by that. But, I returned it because, again, it’s not needed in the country and I’m only investing in pieces I can wear again and again out here, right now.


I returned this dress and ordered another one immediately, in a size up. I love love love this dress. It’s beautiful, it’s classic, but it’s sized small. So, order one size larger than you normally would. If you do that, you’ll find you open up a package to a dress you will have in your closet forever. The colour is magnificent. The length is perfect, and would be perfect for someone shorter or taller. It’s a glorious dress. If I had more thumbs, I’d give it more than two thumbs up 🙂



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