Style Update: Two shirts to add to your summer wardrobe essentials now!

Every so often, I showcase wardrobe essentials for you guys. These are items that pop up that are worth grabbing asap as they are timeless, well priced and will be styled on FFG repeatedly as the wardrobe sharing continues. When I was in GAP last week, I found two such pieces, both shirts. I promise you this… these two shirts will be worn weekly here on FFG. I put them on, one after the other, and shouted out to the Gap assistant that I had just discovered perfection in shirts. This is no joke. The fact that both happen to cost less than a week of lattes and will be worn so often that it will come down to pennies per wear is just a plus point. Let me introduce you to the two shirts you need in your wardrobe right now (and make sure to check in store at GAP, as they are having some great sales at the moment).

So, first up, the best denim shirt I’ve found to date… no exaggeration…

This is the GAP big denim shirt for women. It is the perfect denim shirt. The oversized fit, the length, the weight…everything measures up to perfection. So let’s start with the talk of oversized. With a denim shirt, you don’t want it to be fitted. The idea for this shirt is that you throw it on and go. You want to be able to move around in it. You want to be able to style it over jeans, over a pencil skirt, over track pants even! A great fitting denim shirt will change everything for your wardrobe.

The length is ideal as it’s long enough for coverage in the back and sides, but short enough for easy tucking without too much bulk.

Now, let’s talk weight. Some denim shirts are oppressive with their weight. It can all be a little too much. This is an ideal summer weight for being able to breathe in the heat. For autumn winter, it’s ideal for layering as it won’t feel too bulky under a sweater or a dress.

It is so incredibly rare that all these things come together to work as one. That’s why it’s your perfect denim shirt. It shouldn’t surprise any of us as GAP are the original experts in denim. I take my hat off to the creators of this beauty. It truly is elegance in denim.

Right then, let’s talk the other wardrobe staple – the GAP camp shirt.

There are many colour variations on this top, but I’ve chosen a neutral beige number as I think the potential for this colourway is endless. Let’s start with the things I listed above with the denim shirt –  weight, length and fit!

The weight is light. When I say light I mean it. It feels as if you wearing nothing at all. It’s heaven.

The fit and length are similar to the denim shirt, although not at oversized.

With this shirt, however, I want to focus in on how versatile it will be for your wardrobe. You can use this to neutralise a hot pink skirt or enhance the same colour scheme in a leopard print pant. It can be worn tucked in with white jeans or let loose over a denim mini. It can be tied around the waist with a floral maxi skirt, worn open with a white cami or buttoned to the top and paired with a chic necklace and some smart black pants. The possibilities are endless.

Watch this space as you’ll certainly see these featured a lot more. For now, though, grab them! They are in this season in your local GAP store, which is open! So go forth and shop.

If you can’t make it to a store, remember GAP is also available to shop online 24/7!

Happy trails and shirt tails!


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