Style Update: The Ultimate Leather Waist Bag

I’m going to come right out and say it. I don’t feature accessories enough. Not nearly enough. It’s one of the two things I’d like to bring you more of in the coming months – accessories and beauty. But, I don’t want to throw just anything in your general direction. I want to throw things that are worthy. I want to put things out there that make you madly rush over to buy. And I know that you know what I’m talking about. I get that feeling about ten times a day looking at social media. I see an item that is fantastic. I then click over to buy and see that it’s either not in my size range or has two additional zeros on the price tag that I wasn’t anticipating. Let me assure you, that’s not what I want to do here. I’m your frugal big sister at the moment, trying to find timeless pieces at reasonable prices. And if it’s more than the average price tag I feature, it will always come with an explanation as to why it’s worth the extra zeros. I know we all work hard for the money, especially now, so I’m not inclined to encourage you to spend it where spending is not needed. Alright, lecture over and let’s get into delivering. This is a waist bag that needs to be on your radar, as it’s only £29.50. And before you ask, yes it is 100% leather!

I’ve been wearing this nonstop and each and every day I get stopped and asked where it’s from. When I say Marks & Spencer, people’s jaws hit the floor. I’ve mostly had “I thought it was Hermes,” or “I’m so glad, I thought you were going to say vintage and I’d never find anything like it.” I’m all too happy to be the lady that stops and says, “I know, right, isn’t this amazing? And it’s under 30 smackers!”

So that’s the waist bag. But, let’s also quickly talk about the dress and shoes. Now, I will say I was wearing all of this for a shoot with Marks & Spencer, but I wanted to share it here (was under no obligation to do so), because I love sharing a steal.

The dress is linen and it’s the perfect weight for summer. At the moment, the navy blue is sold out online, but they do have an oatmeal linen dress in the same style still in stock, and it’s in the sale! Also, the ankle strap heels are marked down, so well worth checking out.

But, if you buy one thing and one thing only, make it the waist bag! It’s heavenly. Absolutely heavenly, and I’m considered buying the black leather version too!


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