How I exercise my way into business every day with four phone apps

I’m going to come clean and say this first. I hate walking. I’ve always hated it. I hate exercising. I hate doing anything that’s good for me, really, with exercise, or food for that matter. I’m going to put that out there now, so that you understand that the information I’m about to impart is by no means from someone who likes to throw on the running shoes and get out the front door. I despise it.

But, I started doing it, about a year ago, and a lot more since lockdown started. Every single time I go to get ready for it, I think of some excuse not to do it. No matter the excuse, I know I need to force myself to get out there and here’s why. When I walk (or sometimes jog), I do so for the betterment of my business. And here’s how…

I walk with two things: headphones and my iPhone.

And I walk with four apps open at all times: Podcasts, Camera, Fitbit and Notes.

Allow me to explain further.

I listen to podcasts for an hour to two hours a day, while walking, to inspire my own creativity and challenge my thinking on business practices. (more on this below…keep reading!)

I keep the notes section of my phone open because the podcasts I listen to are always providing information I want to put into action. My walks are like little lectures. And when I get home, I review the notes and put in action times and activities that will make me use these tips moving forward. Basically, I’m not a passive liste-ner. I’m listening to men and women that are sharing the mistakes and a-ha moments they’ve had in business.

My Fitbit, the newest addition to my fitness crew is always on and tracking everything about my walk – where I’m going, how fast, what my heart beat is and how many calories I’m burning. While I’m working hard on ways I can further my business, I want to work just as hard at keeping my fitness up so I’m around to enjoy my future business success.

Then there’s the camera…. the camera is always open because I never know what I’m going to see or what might inspire me. The other day a man in denim coveralls was driving a tractor and I took a picture (discretely) to remind myself to look up a similar style online when I get home. Last week I passed a flower that looked like a Chanel jacket, snapped that for texture ideas and it’s lead to a story that’s coming at your next week.

Basically, as we’re exploring the world, why shouldn’t we allow it to inspire our work? I’m inspired on every turn. And, as I get older, I have to pay attention to the fact that my memory isn’t what it used to be, so I make notes like it’s my second job. And I check back on those notes regularly. I’ve been doing this since I was twenty. The only difference now is that we have iPhones instead of notepads 🙂

Now, let me dive a bit further into Podcasts for a moment, as I see so many people asking what podcasts they should follow and why.

Well, I wanted to share my top ten, that I listen to weekly and find hugely inspirational. There are more, so many more, that I check in with regularly, but if I had to hand you ten, as a starter pack, this is what I would give you.

  1. Second Life – This is all about successful women that started out in one career, who have pivoted into a completely new business that has made them household names. Adore, absolutely adore this podcast.
  2. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown – The name says it all. This is Brene Brown’s podcast and she will bring power into your life every day with her weekly messages.
  3. The Blogist – If you are an influencer, or a brand looking to work with influencers, this podcast is the best one out there at the moment. So much useful information here. I’ve been doing this for ten years and every single episode I listen to, I learn something I wasn’t aware of before.
  4. How I built This – This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I have heard every single episode. Similar to Second Life, this podcast explores that lives of all entrepreneurs, from starting to success and everything between and after. It is truly a business thriller. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!
  5. Hashtag Authentic – Another one for influencers, although this one is more about creativity. If I’m ever in a rut, this is one of the first podcasts I put on, every time. It’s beautifully inspirational while also calming.
  6. Dressed: The History of Fashion – I have really tried to expand my knowledge of fashion as much as possible over the past ten years. I’m always learning. This podcast is truly eyeopening for anyone interested in learning about fashion on the go.
  7. Oprah’s Soul Sessions – This is the first of two podcasts from Oprah that I’m recommending. I mean, it’s Oprah. The women is inspiration in herself, but in both her podcasts, she explores talking to knowledgable folks that impart true wisdom in life on every episode.
  8. The Business of Fashion – Bof is the website for fashion news. Their podcast is THE place for business wisdom in fashion!
  9. Oprah’s Master Class – The other Oprah podcast. Although this one is more centred on celebrities. Still a brilliant and inspiring listen.
  10. Planet Money – Last but not least, another great podcast about business building. It’s more investigative reporting on businesses that have been built, not just single people building them, but how entire entities are formed. It’s truly informative. Listened to a podcast about a town buying its own internet the other day. Never thought something like that would be interested by I was gripped.

And that’s it, really.

The only advice I would give, to help motivate you to get out every single day is to make a schedule for your podcasts. Create a listening incentive. Every week I have six podcasts lined up and ready to go. I know what’s coming that week and I get excited about learning. And in order to learn, I have to exercise. I know it might sound mad, but this is how I do it! And it works for me… so why not share? Maybe this is just what your business / health needs right now. I know mine sure did. Enjoy, everyone. Go forth and create businesses with strong bodies and mind alongside!


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