5 things I fell in love with online last week

Aw the wonderful world wide web and the things we discover while surfing it. The possibilities are endless. But we all know, when we uncover that gem product or brand, that no one else knows about yet, it feels like solid gold. Now, two out of the three here today, I’m banking on the fact that I’m giving you an official introduction. The other two are no secrets at all! But, I’ll let you be the judge. The bottom line is this… all five of these items, from brands I adore, are worthy of being on your radar. So here we go… five things I discovered online last week that I love. (Note: Some affiliate links present)

Yellow Box Brown Croc Sandals $60

Annoyed that I can’t remember which magazine I saw these in. But, I can tell you I immediately jumped online and bought them. I would say it took three minutes to purchase from first viewing to credit card out of the wallet. I’ve been wanting to jump on this whole TEVA movement with footwear, but I wasn’t really into just how much they reminded me of being a teenager and wearing this footwear while out hiking. This style, with brilliant chocolate brown croc material is my saviour, my way into embracing this trend and making me think of something other than camp shorts and TEVAs!

Baja Freedom Slides $45

I’ve never even heard of Freedom Slides before two days ago and then a girlfriend was telling me about them over a Zoom chat. Saying Freedom Slides are the new stylish crocs. Full disclosure, we always joke about owning Crocs and how comfortable they are but how we’d never leave the garden in them unless there was an emergency. Apparently, these are just as comfortable and look sh*t hot with a pair of boyfriend jeans. So in there. I ordered two different pairs. They even come in tie dye!

Draper James X Lands End Tugless One Piece Swimsuit $69.95 (Available in the UK for £50) – also check sale prices!

First things first… this comes in Long and Plus size!!!! Yup, that’s enough to get me excited. The lovelies over at Lands End UK sent me this suit last week and I have to say, I was floored by how incredible this fit was. I didn’t know what “tugless” meant until now. It really is tug free. It has full coverage at the back, you feel secure and sucked in (without feeling suffocated) in the material, and it’s cute as heck! Draper James x Lands End… I’m here for it! I also have to say this is a great summer suit for wearing out and about with just shorts or a skirt on the bottom, when you’re headed to the beach or to the pool. Cannot say enough lovely things about this suit. Lands End… you’ve just found a new devotee!

Kemi Telford Ayaba Dress £120

I’ve been a fan of Kemi’s dresses for a while now, so technically this isn’t a “new discovery.” But, I wanted to throw this in as I ordered this particular dress, fell in love, but had to return it because I ordered a size too small and it did end up being a bit too tight in the bust. So I’m hoping someone else will return their size XL so I can scoop this up! Kemi Telford needs to be on your radar. Her dresses are simply magnificent and unique. The patterns, the shapes, and the overall feel of the brand makes me want to wear one every day of the week! So, join her mailing list and join in on the fun in receiving an email that you’ll actually want from a brand in your inbox regularly! Her new-ins fly out like hotcakes. So, get your shopping fingers ready!

Aquarianthoughts Forget me 2 Knot stacking ring £29

I discovered this on an Etsy browse. Does anyone else do that? Just start browsing Etsy and find yourself down a rabbit hole two hours later. You came in looking for doormats and ended up on fancy rings? How does it happen? Well, we all know really. But, I’m glad it does as I’ve found some insanely beautiful things over the years. This brand popped up yesterday and I fell in love instantly with the simplicity and romance of the pieces. This one, in particular, is a real standout piece.

Enjoy and see you back here for the next installment next week!


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