25 Personal Essays that tell you all you need to know about me today, in June 2020

There are a lot of new faces over here on the blog, and I thought it was good time for a sort of flashback in time, or an official introduction through personal essays. Rather than writing a few paragraphs, I thought I’d let me past do the talking. Over nearly 11 years, I have written more than 12,000 blog posts. That’s a lot. And, no, I don’t expect you to go through and read every one to find out who I am and what this blog is all about. Instead, I decided to look back over the past five years and share some personal essays that have meant a lot to me, to write, and are also the best way I know how to tell you who I am and what I stand for. While FFG is mainly a place for style, it is also a journal and a place where I hope to bring daily inspiration to people. Often times, that means sharing some rather personal stories, that can be hard to read at times, but I hope that they are always uplifting! So here’s the highlight reel. The proudest moments I have when putting fingers to keyboard. I’ll start with probably the biggest question I get as an American in London: How did you get here?

This is a three part answer and it all starts here:

Part Two can be found here! And I’m working on part three. Lazy, I know!

Now, for some more personal discussion.

First up, did you know I am a survivor… I had major brain surgery?

I’ve been an avid journal writer for as long as I can remember and in this post I explore how writing in a journal has changed my life

I’m also an avid reader and love sharing books, especially books that will change your life!

I have these moments where, as a 40 year old, things all of the sudden become clear about life. And they look a little something like this…

First up, the best advice my Dad ever gave me

I talk a lot about my curves and coming to terms with being a curvy girl in an industry that hasn’t always been kind to women over a size eight.

Let’s start with a tale of personal weight gain.

I wrote about not feeling like I was a part of the plus size blogging community because I wasn’t showcasing myself in a bikini.

Then there was the fashion week moment that sent me over the edge, absolutely size related…

A few words about just how much has changed in the ten years I’ve been writing about fashion.

And if we are talking purely about my style, this is the best way to get to know me really quickly, and all that I love:

It’s basically all about my Ralph Lauren Collection!

And to read more about my blogging journey and how things have evolved, both good and bad, I’ll point you in this direction:

In 2016, I wrote a series about becoming a blogger and how things had changed in seven years on the scene. I cowrote it with my best friend, who was also a blogger. This will explain just about everything!

Part One: How did we get here? 

Back in 2016, I was an early adopter in taking away the power of numbers in our lives!

Part Two: Important lessons learned in the first year of blogging

Part 3: What’s in a name? The importance of a blog name


Part 4: A day in the life of a blogger


Part Five: Comparison is the thief of joy! 

There isn’t really a part six, because, my best friend left to live in LA. But, I wrote about it. I wrote about the art of goodbyes and I cry now again reading it.

Then there was the I decided to give the finger to numbers… in every part of my life.

I even wrote a little mental guide to navigating instagram, after having made a living on the platform for five years!

I feel like I write a lot of essays defending social media, but I do believe it’s a beautiful place that can do so much good for the world. So in case you haven’t read that enough, here’s another one!

There is no way I can do a round up of essays without talking about my two golden boys.

Here’s the story of the Bromance of Brody and Boomer!

And a little trip down memory lane… their 50 top photographs together!

And while we’re talking southern living, how about a small taste of the home I’m missing so much during this pandemic!

If you really want just the highlights, here’s a piece I wrote last year celebrating 10 years of Fashion Foie Gras with 50 best moments….

And that’s me, in an 11 year nutshell!


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