Shop The Look: The £38 summer dress favourite

You could definitely say my wardrobe has taken a bit of a turn since leaving the city. The bold and bright styling has settled into a ditsy floral print, most days, while out walking through the surrounding heels. I leave the bold stuff for my own garden, and assume a sort of pride for floral on the daily outings. I can’t wait to see what happens in winter. Anywho, in my wardrobe “growth,” I’ve been discovering all sorts of bargains online. I’ve started spending a lot more time looking at vintage items, I’m exploring small local brands, but I’ve also started looking at the big brands in different ways.

For example, today’s dress is from a familiar high street retailer that we all know and love and has a surprising price tag of only £38. And it’s absolutely stunning. I was amazed not only by the beautiful detail in the dress, but also the wonderful lightness of the fabric. This is going to be one of these dresses you love to throw on the summer and go. But, mark my words, this will sell out. It’s a gorgeous little number that is worthy of every praise given!

Shop the Dress:

Ditsy Floral Wrap Dress


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