Look for less: High end vs High street wardrobe essentials

For those looking to update their wardrobe this season with some high end designer pieces, but are facing a rather tight budget, here’s a solution to all your shopping problems. The high street, this season, is delivering in spades! There are more designer dupes than ever and, dare I say, some high street pieces are actually better looking and offer more sizes than the designer pieces themselves. Let’s keep that between ourselves, shall we? Each and every one of these pieces I have bought myself and loved. They are high quality and will last you the course! You’ll also be happy to hear there is nothing here that even comes near to £50/$50! So shop away, dear bargain hunter! All details below! Note: This post contains affiliate links.


We all recognise the bag on the left. It seems every social media influencer from here to Antarctica has swung one of these from their arms. If you ask me, I think the dupe is much better and much less flashy. With a bag made out of straw, I’d always opt for the cheaper version. These things tatter faster than anything else the minute they take on any weight. Just saying. Shop the designer bag: High End / High Street

This high end dress has been a favourite in lock down. Talk about the house dress of dreams. And I will say that this brand is absolutely worth the investment. Their dresses are gorgeous and so beautifully made. But, if you are looking for a more affordable option for this summer, invest in this little number, which is currently marked down in the sale! Polka dot dress: High End / High Street

I cannot tell you how many tweets I’ve scrolled over questioning why people will pay over £300 for a shoe that comes dirty. Call me old fashioned, but I absolutely agree. This must have been what my mom felt like when she used to give me a hard time about buying jeans that were ripped. Our generation’s version of ripped jeans. What a thought. Well, if you like the style, but prefer to dirty your shoes on your own time, check out the high street dupe! Star Shoes: High End / High Street

This is my favourite dupe as the high street version of this high end skirt looks more designer! I ordered it a few weeks ago, tried it on and instantly fell in love, after having sent back the designer version as I was unhappy with how tough the denim felt. This high street dupe fits like a dream, is a great length and has a belt that instantly lends itself to a perfect summer look. Denim midi skirt: High End / High Street

You can’t be at all surprised I’m recommending a belt dupe here. You guys are always asking where you can get belts on a budget. Well, here’s an example of the high street delivering! Tie Belt: High End / High Street


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