How to Wear: A Bright Orange Maxi Skirt

I love a challenge, and was handed a pretty fun one last month when I announced I was buying this bright orange maxi skirt. Dozens of messages came in from readers asking how the heck I was going to style it, being that it seemed “brighter than the sun.” On that day, I decided I was going to showcase just how much mileage you can get from such a colourful item, and really this is just scrapping the surface. A skirt like this, I will keep forever and wear under its threadbare. It’s not often such a statement comes up on the high street, so I grabbed it ASAP. It took two weeks to arrive, but when it finally did I set up an express makeshift studio and styled it out to showcase just how much you can do with it. So, here are ten ideas for how to wear a bright orange maxi skirt! {Note: This post contains affiliate links}

The Wild Side Look

The Striped to Perfection look

The Bright is Beautiful Look

The Way to Wear it To The Office

The Boyfriend’s Rock Tee Moment

The Luxury Scarf Look 

The Weekend Look

The Spring, not yet summer, moment

The “I’m so fabulous in this skirt, I should live in Beverly Hills” Ensemble

The Classic Denim Jacket to The Rescue Look


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