The eBay edit: Shopping for me, but found this for you vol. 1

For years, I’ve been an eBay hunter, but I’m never just hunting for myself. Nine times out of ten, I find things I absolutely adore but it’s the wrong colour, too small or not a completely right fit for me. It might not be right for me, but it’s usually something that’s perfect for something else. So I’m a frequent sharer, always sending friends and family links to things they should be buying. It’s somehow more fun. Then, when you meet for brunch you’ll get the, “remember you told me to buy this… and it was 1/20th the price of what I would have paid retail for it,” moment. It never tires. But, these days I’m finding more and more to share and I thought it was about time for me to make it a public service. So, weekly, I’ll be creating a post here (not associated with eBay in any way…just something I think you’d find useful), of pieces I’ve come across that don’t work for me, but are deals of the century and definitely worth sharing. After all, sharing is caring, people! So this is vol 1. Enjoy! And let me know if you end up scoring any deals as a result. Love a happy rehoming story!

  1. Celine Cashmere Jumper size medium / Starting bid is £99.99
  2. Stella McCartney Jumpsuit size 14 / Starting bid is £51
  3. Raey Pink Fringed Skirt Size 8 / Starting bid is £100
  4. Dolce & Gabbana Palm Print Sweater Size XXS / Starting bid is £175
  5. Rixo Dress Size XL / Starting bid is £54
  6. Vintage Laura Ashley Dress Size 10 / Starting bid is £10.50
  7. Gucci Horsebit Belt / Starting Bid is £50
  8. Christian Dior Lime Vintage Skirt Size 10 / Starting Bid is £129
  9. Coach Shark Sweater Size Medium / Starting bid is £21
  10. Polo Ralph Lauren Saddle Bag / Starting bid is £90
  11. Mother of Pearl Silk Dress Size 12 / Starting Bid is £150

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