Shopping for distraction: 27 new In items to watch

So I woke up this morning and started to write a list of things I could do today. Then, I looked back at a list of things I did two months ago, on monday morning (yes, I calendar this stuff). First thing I did on the 30th of January was create a shopping post for new items in stock at some of my favourite retailers. Why should it be any different today? I know that most of us are strapped for cash in the current situation, myself included. But, I’ve also heard from so many of you that you don’t want me to stop the shopping features. So, this morning, I spent a few hours putting together a roundup of items, from stores that are still shipping from their online distribution centres. I have to be honest and say that I’m not sure how much longer these retailers will be open. But, for now, they’re open and taking orders. There is no shame, in my opinion in doing whatever you need to do to smile right now. If that means ordering a dress that you can wear in your garden and show off to your plant friends, well then rock that dress, sister!

I’ll make this a little different and sort the shopping edit by retailer, so you know what’s what, from where, without any question.

Let’s kick off with Marks & Spencer:

Can we talk about these wide leg trousers? And how they are styled? Absolutely love how M&S have styled them with Birkenstock style slides. It’s casual but chic as all get out. Basically, it perfectly showcases how trousers, that might otherwise be styled quite sophisticatedly, can also be dressed down for everyday wear.

The Wide Leg Trousers are £39.50 (also available in America) and run from a size 6, in short and tall, to size 20, short and tall!

Ladies, this dress is one of those that you can throw on and run! I swear by dresses with those super style abilities in the summer, when you don’t want to think about anything. You just want to throw something on, run out the door and know you look fab. This is that simple number you will see everywhere, but will look different and fabulous on each woman that wears it, depending on how it’s styled.

This Cotton V-Neck Dress is £45 and runs from a size 6-22, also available in long.

This is meant to be a beach dress. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Some of my favourite dresses are those that were intended for the beach but have never seen a grain of sand. This one will not be included! Chic enough for the city but also appropriate for a rather sassy beach party (they will be back, I promise).

This beach dress is £28 and comes in a size 8-22.

I just wish I was shorter so I could buy five of these and wear them endlessly until I die! Extreme? Maybe, but I love me a jumpsuit…more than I could ever possibly explain! M&S have always given us some of the best ones. Whenever I see the PR girls, they are always rocking some rather amazing jumpsuit and, without fail, I always ask them where it’s from, like an idiot. Of course it’s M&S, but up close they always look like something that belongs on a runway, not a high street store.

This Denim Long Sleeve Jumpsuit is £59 and comes in sizes 6-18, and is available in long.

Now onto Topshop:

I love this smocked camel coloured dress. It’s another one of those dresses that you can keep forever. It’s timeless and seasonless and will look amazing dressed up, dressed down, in the city or in the country. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

This camel smocked dress is £71.00 and runs from a size 4-18.

If you’re looking for a statement top, stop here and look no further. This is a beauty. I’d wear mine with high rise mom jeans, but that’s just me!

This white embroidered top is £35.99 and comes in sizes 4-18.

I’m not going to lie to you, this one’s for girls that either are blessed enough to not require a bra, or for girls that have figured out that whole taping your breasts situation. I am in neither camp, but I dream of living in this dress! There is a third option. You could wear a cami underneath. Just putting that out there…and I might give it a go myself.

This ivory print maxi dress is £30 and comes in sizes 4-18.

Alright, let’s move onto ASOS:

Some pretty sporty espadrilles here. Yes, the Teva trend continues but at least this year we are spiffing things up a bit on the look.

The ASOS espadrilles are £28 and come in size 2-9.

Yes, I am hunting for dresses that will work perfectly for country walks, but can also fit right back into the London scene when I return one day. This one is first on the list!

This casual button down midi dress is £60 and comes in sizes 4-18.

I don’t trust people that don’t love statement sandals 🙂 Ok, that’s extreme, but goodness me I love a shoe that says it all. Paradise is, at the moment, my living room. I’ll be purchasing these for brighter days ahead!

These Paradise slides are £18 and come in a size 2-9.

Now, moving onto Mango:

Paging Hermes. Tell me this doesn’t look like a bag that should cost a minimum of £450? In reality, it’s less than you spend on coffees in a week (if you’re a city dweller with an addiction to Starbucks).

This Cotton Bucket Bag is £23.99.

Looking for a dress to match the previously mentioned bag? Look no further! Throw on a straw hat and you’re ready to go!

This Tiered Maxi Dress is £39.99.

Another bag! I know, I know…. and there are a few more to come. But the prices are so good and the styles so timeless!

This Jute Cross Body Bag is £23.99.

When the doors open to Miami again, from London, I’m on the first plane and I’m packing this for a night out on the tiles!

This spotted maxi dress is £55.99.

From spots to stripes, a girl’s got to have variety, right? Well, this one’s another one meant to travel, but will also work perfectly for lounging around the house in the most fashionable way possible!

This striped midi dress is £55.99.

So, let’s talk H&M:

While we are talking about striped dresses, let’s just shine a light on this beauty. It’s a kaftan shape and I might just live in this for the foreseeable future, pairing it with chunky Marni sandals!

This striped kaftan dress is £79.99 with sizes running from small to XL.

Hello, statement dress. I mean have you seen something this fabulous since the 1980s? If you remember this style from back in the day, you’ll expect to see if in a Laura Ashley floral. H&M have updated the style by featuring it in a bright colour burst! Love it!

This flounce feature dress is £59.99 and runs in sizes XL-XL.

Similar colour, completely different dress. Here’s hoping the summer season is open for us all to wear such beautiful dresses out and about to events. Even if they aren’t – this is a dress you’ll keep for seasons to come. It’s a gorgeous cut – so very flattering (I bought it already in animal print) – and just a truly stunning design that looks way more expensive than it is.

This Long Lyocell Blend Dress is £39.99 and comes in sizes 4-22.

Alright, let’s explore Boden’s new in:

Oh, these shoes! I’m buying them just so I can wear them and look at them propped up in front of the TV. How could anyone look at these and not smile? You’d have to have a heart of steel!

These flamingo espadrilles are £80 and come in a size 36-42.

It should be obvious to you by now that I have a bit of an obsession with spots when it comes to fashion. These trousers, though, are next level. So chic! I desperately want to style them with a denim shirt and a navy blazer with converse! Done and done!

These polka dot trousers are £80 and come in size 6-22.

Hello, garden party! Yes, this will be worn for a garden party this summer, even if it’s just me standing in the garden myself with wine in hand shouting, “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”

This Floral Midi Dress is £130 and comes in sizes 6-20.

Shall we walk on over to Warehouse?:

Another pink piece for your wardrobe. I just can’t say no! And those sleeves… swoon! The only difficulty may be found in that open back! But, I’m going to try and make it work.

This Warehouse Pink Dress is £59.00 and runs in sizes 6-18.

Just tell me this isn’t the perfect dress for a stroll in the countryside, fields on all sides of you? That’s the way we walk these days… in absolute isolation. But it doesn’t mean I’m not putting my most fashionable foot forward with every journey out!

This floral dress is £46.00 and runs size 6-18.

So, Free People: 

Get ready, as just about every piece I’m sharing from Free People is what I’m living in while in isolation. These are the most comfortable dresses, but also so stylish! 90% of my wardrobe right now is Free People, no kidding. Every single thing is oversized, flowy and fabulous.

This Maya Shirt Dress is £140 and sizes run from XS to XL.

I am forever obsessed with Free People button down shirts. If you are looking for a white button down that you will wear forever, this is the one. I have this and adore… ADORE it!

This White Button Down Shirt is £168 and comes in sizes XS to XL.

They call it the getaway dress… and you will, guys, you will getaway in this dress or any other dress soon… we’ll make it through this! For now, I’m planning the getaway while wearing this dress. That’s the compromise.

The Getaway Dress is £158 and comes in sizes XS to XL.


Alright, guys…. that’s it for today!

More to come soon, but for now, I’ll just say stay safe and stay home!



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