Our first full day in the country…

It’s our first full day as official residents in a new town. I consider it the first day because the first few days we barely left the inside of the house at all. We were removing, unpacking, making phone calls to rearrange bills and everything else that comes with the usual move. But, our first real day felt like something out of a fairy tale. Hard to believe, considering the time we’re living in. Seems self isolating can either bring out the best or the worst in people and I am feeling entirely grateful for experiencing the former. We’re so gentle with each other, in this time of uncertainty. We both continue to remind one another how lucky we are that we have each other, that we live in a place where we can walk and walk and walk some more, without worrying about seeing another soul, and are both still healthy and able to webcam with those that we love from the outside world.

Every day I wake up, and for the first few minutes I look over and just feel entirely in love. Then, moments later, the reality of the world settles in. I open my phone to headlines that are more disturbing than the world has ever seen before. Just as quickly as I pick my phone up, I put it away. Every nurse and doctor friend I have has told me that the most valuable prevention for this disease is a positive, upbeat, attitude. They tell me to keep smiling, to continue to live a life that’s rich in love, laughter and human connection. And I’m trying my hardest. It’s a struggle for us all, isn’t it?

One way we’ve tried to keep things as normal as possible is by setting a daily schedule. For us, that means a walk either first thing in the morning or last thing before the sun sets. Then, we schedule our days around that. We are both still “working.” I’m putting my creative energy into portraits, showcasing dresses and outfits that are mostly all this season. Yes, I’m still ordering clothes and, very kindly, being sent clothes as well. Please know I will disclose when things are gifted.

I know so many of us are struggling right now, financially, so I’m also working on some segments on how to spruce up closet staples and new ways to wear for the summer ahead.

This is how I feel normal – working with fashion in the way I always have and always hope to. So many of you have asked that I keep content as is and that I provide an escape from the current climate. I’m going to be honest and say that you won’t come here and forget what is happening entirely. I think it’s important to talk about what’s happening, but not obsess over it. I can’t just smile and pretend I’m not hurting, just as we all are. But, I’m open to the conversation around it. I’m open to trying to live life as normally as we can.

And with that, I’ll leave you with today’s outfit details, for a dress I bought before everything blew up and had put aside for a special occasion. Then, yesterday, I saw it hanging in my closet and simply thought to myself, “today is special. I’m healthy, I’m alive and I want to wear something beautiful.” If you want to clean your house in your wedding dress today, do it. Wear the finest thing you have because you have it and you can! God Bless, guys, stay safe and check in with you tomorrow!

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