Look for Less: Meghan Markle’s Red Dress

This weekend, Meghan Markle stepped back into the UK Royals scene and did so in a spectacular red dress. There’s no way anyone was going to miss her in this beautiful bright ensemble. The crazy thing here is that as the news alert popped up on my phone, showcasing this incredible caped gown, I was standing in front of my mirror, contemplating a red dress moment myself. My jaw fell to the floor as I recognised our ensembles were not too dissimilar. Both were attention grabbing red, both featured a cape of sorts. However, admittedly mine was more cocktail than red carpet. But, I’m no princess, so there you go. I immediately grabbed the two images and shared the moment to Instagram, where the post proceeded to grab a lot of attention. So, I thought I’d bring it to the blog, for those wanting to capture the Meghan Markle Red Dress look. And here’s the good news, it’s a look for less moment. You could buy Meghan’s dress for £1500, or you could grab mine for £50 (although if you grab it now, it’s currently 20% off). The choice is yours!


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