How I’m taking pictures out and about in the country: Safety first!

For those of you around the globe that are following the progress of the UK, you will know that we’ve been placed in lockdown. We are allowed to leave the house for groceries and pharmaceuticals, but only when absolutely needed. We are also allowed to go out for a short spirt of exercise. Out here in the country,  our exercise is walking through fields and over hills. So far, we’ve been going out mid-morning for our walks, and occasionally we will see other people out and about. We’re all very polite about it here. Steve and I will walk into a field to stay at least twelve to fifteen feet from anyone passing if we can. It’s the right thing to do and we are dead set on playing our part to keep everyone safe. The scenery here is to die for. It’s truly spectacular. Seen Pride and Prejudice? It’s that level of British beauty and I’m pretty sure Steve is going to grow very tired of me constantly commenting on how lucky he was to grow up here and play freely in these open fields. Each day we discover a new walk and with every walk, I’m discovering the most charming corners and making notes.

As many of you already know, I take every picture on tripod while travelling. I wrote a whole piece about how I take my photographs on the blog last year (it includes absolutely everything from the camera I use, lens and apps to edit), if you’re looking for a how-to in this time when we’re all dealing with self isolation. Working with photographers is out of the question so we gotta hustle to do our best.

But, the point of this post is to explain how I’m going to be “business as usual” with a few alterations. First of all, all of my try ons will take place at home, or out in the garden. The point being that I’m not endangering myself or anyone else in trying things on and sharing outfit pictures. It should also be noted that any packages I’m receiving, I am wiping down with an anti-bac wipe (use a soapy hand wash paper towel if you have nothing else) before they come into the house. Can’t be too cautious, guys! Please also do this to keep yourselves safe while shopping online.

For the posts I do here, that are more “professional,” the pictures will be taken on my morning walks. In the summertime, I always woke up at sunrise to go out and take pictures to avoid crowds in London. Nothing will change here, only the backdrop and the need to remember not to touch anything or to come into contact with anyone along the way. Yup, I’m taking this whole “life as usual” task seriously. When I go out for walks, I’ll be doing so while wearing outfits I’d be wearing out and about in London on these beautiful days. I’ll be setting up my tripod and capturing content as quickly as possible. For now, this is how I’m planning on working. Combining exercise with a backpack with a tripod and a desire to shoot things quickly and move on without disturbing or endangering anyone.

This is my normal. Working with a tripod is my everyday life. Working with it in a new area is beyond exciting and it would be even more creatively fulfilling if I had the time and space to really generate some beautiful tributes to this new place. For now, I’ll try and do my best with the limitations at hand, for as long as I can. Things may change. But, I truly don’t think me taking five minutes on my walk, at 6am (sunrise is currently 5:53am), to capture a few pictures isn’t taking any big risks. Hopefully, it will deliver a beautiful look at my surroundings, so that one day this will be a place you will all come and visit when travel bands are lifted. And ladies and gents, that day is coming. Keep the faith. Start pinterest boards for all the places you are going to see and do when all of this is finished, because that day will come and you’ll want to be ready!

Have a great day, everybody. More tomorrow!


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