A twilight tour

How are you today? I start by asking this as I’m hoping it really will make you take a moment and ask yourself that question. I mean it genuinely. If no one has asked, consider this an officially enquiry. I keep hearing from so many of you that are isolating alone, and while some have been practicing their whole lives for this moment, others are having some real trouble. I’m not going to sit here and lecture you on using this time to do something like learn a knew language or start a new hobby. If you want to lay on a sofa, eat chocolate and watch endless episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I salute you my friend. There is no clear cut right or wrong on how to deal with this rather unexpected turn in global events. Everyone is going to deal with this differently, so don’t let anyone make you feel like there’s a right or wrong in this situation. This “situation” has never happened before to anyone walking the earth, so there’s no rulebook here, guys.

While, I won’t tell you what to do with your days in isolation, I thought I’d use the blog to talk about mine. FFG, over this time period, will be mostly a journal, I think. There will be the occasional feature on fashion, but mostly even that will be in journal form. As mentioned before, I’m using my daily exercise period to take outfit pictures as I normally would out and about in London. So, I’ll upload something every day, even if it’s just the outfit. I’m hoping this will keep things as normal as possible for me, and for you.

This morning, we were awoken by a rooster. Yes, a rooster (in London, it’s usually a rubbish truck or a late night partier that’s waking me up). The sun was up before 6am and we were already bathed in warm light by the time the cockadoodledoo came calling. Is anyone else waking up thinking it’s just another day, then grabbing their phone only to be confronted by a few dozen news alerts and the reminder of the world we live in? It’s a bit insane. Last night, however, was the first night that Coronavirus actually managed to creep into my dreams. I must remember to read or watch something uplighting before bed tonight to keep those thoughts at bay. I was once told that the last thing you think about at night will influence where you go in your dreams. I’ll be looking at a picture of home, in South Carolina, tonight with the hopes that I’ll be back on the island for a few hours in my mind.

When the rooster was done having his say, we were straight into the shower and beginning our day. Today, it was all about hanging pictures. Invigorating, right? Coming together as a couple, it’s always interesting to see how interior styles collide. Steve works in the music industry and all of his wall decor is based around bands – heavy metal bands! My decor, as you will have seen over the years is more driven by a sort of Ralph Lauren aesthetic. The meshing of the two was hilarious and somehow works perfectly. I’ll be calling Uncle Ralph and giving him all the info for his next collection. Influenced by Metallica for Autumn Winter maybe? Yeah, I’m thinking that’s a no go there, right?

For our exercise, we decided on a twilight stroll on a trail and through the town, which is pretty empty at night. We walked past the river, said hello to our new best friends, the ducks, and met some new friends in the field. This was my first time seeing Buffalo! Apparently there are buffalo in fields everywhere surrounding the village. They didn’t look terribly friendly, but they did seem very interested in us. Go figure.

I am pleased to report that the village is taking social distancing very seriously! As you’ll see from the picture below, from the butcher, it’s one customer in at a time. That’s the same at the baker, the greengrocer and the pharmacy. The take aways are now delivery only as well. And tonight, just as we decided to throw in the towel on dinner and order a Pizza, we felt the squeeze of local living in the time of Corona for the first time. The pizza place was closed for any future orders past 6:30pm! Seems everyone had the same exact idea and they are finding it difficult to deliver pizza to the whole area in one night on limited staff.

We’ll try again after the weekend, I think!

Anyway, we’ve made it through another day, thankful for being healthy, thankful for each other and thankful that living together actually feels like the best decision we’ve made in ages. Basically, I’m just a walking gratitude journal. Wouldn’t Oprah be proud?

Hope you are finding something to smile as you go to sleep tonight!

Oh, nearly forgot! Promised all the details of the dress above so here we go:

What I’m Wearing:

Square Neck Floral Midi Dress 

And now a few pictures from our twilight walk:


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