London Party Tips: Let someone else handle the canapés

As many of you already know, this was my first grown up Christmas in London. After 17 years of flying home to spend the holiday with my family, I was a little worried that the holidays would be more sorrow than joy, without so many people that I love around me. 2019 has been the year of training myself to find joy in wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. Life is too short for any other option, so I threw myself into party and planning mode. I wanted everything to be perfect for a holiday that would have some rather epic sadness waves attached. While the holiday was mainly spent with one person, my main squeeze, there were plans for spending time with my extended London family as well.

Now, when you are entertaining, it is expected that you will provide food and drink. Totally normal to expect that, right? Except I am anything but a chef. The boyfriend cooked our entire Christmas dinner. I was merely a tablesetter. For entertaining at my house, I was on my own. Again, I do not cook. I am best friends with my delivery drivers. That should tell you everything you need to know. So, this Christmas, my guardian angel presented itself in the form of Peardrop, a luxury catering company that has worked with just about every big name worth mentioning in London, from Sotheby’s to Vogue. A few days before hosting a group of six at my house for wine and canapes, I was short on the actual canapes. A friend got in touch offering the services of Peardrop and their “moveable feasts” for London delivery and I nearly ran out of my house to deliver a personal hug in return. Talk about a lifesaver.

The afternoon of my party, a box arrived by delivery. It was perfectly packed and tied with a great big lavender ribbon. The size was deceiving. I instantly panicked that maybe I hadn’t ordered enough food. But, sure enough, the experts know better than me.

I opened the box and what was inside was more than enough for a group of twelve, let along six.

The sausages were devoured, the smoked salmon beetroot blinis were adored. But, the macarons, that looked deceivingly sweet, were the big surprises. It was actually a chicken liver parfait macaron and they were my personal favourite. The boys, however, favoured the vegan sausage rolls. VEGAN! Amazing!

I cannot recommend this delivery service enough. I ordered the special Christmas package, but for my next trick I’ll definitely be ordering up a luxe platter and inviting more people over to enjoy.

Now, I must admit I am secretly hoping none of my friends are tuning into today’s post as I didn’t disclose a word of these little wonders not being prepared in my kitchen with my own two hands.

But for you, the secret’s out…. in case anyone else is as fearful of a stove as I am!

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