Shop The Look: Call me Pretty Woman

For anyone that grew up as a teenager in the 1990s, you will know all too well how strong this look was. A blazer with jeans was THE thing to wear, to look on trend. What you did with it, how you accessorised it and the way you walked in it, made it all your own. But, those two pieces, in that combination, was outfit magic! You could get it oh so right, but so seldom wrong. It also just happens to be a look that has no expiration date. It’s chicness has no time limit. For those looking for a cultural reference, just turn on your TV to watch the ending scene of Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts killed it, and I’ve spent the last twenty years emulating that style moment. So, this latest look is in tribute to a screen siren and an ensemble that will never fade in my heart.

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Blazer, Tee, Jeans, Bag


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