Shop the Look: A Cold Collarbone and Freezing Ankles

Striped sweater with polka dot pants and shoes

I can hear my mother screaming at me from across the Atlantic… “Cover those ankles! You’ll catch a cold.” Mom, you are always right and I know that, as a nearly forty year old woman, I should know better. But sometimes the stylish side of things takes over and throws coldness to the side. This outfit was made for bare ankles, even if they were covered in frost ten minutes after their mid winter debut! Even my collarbone was felling the chill a bit with this lateral cutout on the sweater. But, it was all worth it, and that’s the magic of fashion, folks. When you feel so good that not even the chill of a wintry day can bring you down, you know you’ve outfitted appropriately.

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Sweater, Culottes, Shoes, Bag

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