The Daily Dozen: John Lewis Edit

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After spending nearly two decades as a resident of London, I find there are a few stores that are my “safety nets.” These are the stores that I know will always deliver in a pinch. They’ll see me through style ruts and fashion frustrations. John Lewis is undoubtedly on that list and has been since my first weekend ever in London. It’s a store that’s always fascinated me, from their style edits to their seemingly endless home offering. It has a place close to my heart and I feel I don’t give it nearly enough attention here on FFG, so I’m changing that… one post at a time. Today, I just wanted to show you a few things I’m absolutely obsessed with this season, after stopping in for a wee shop last week. Enjoy! I could have easily done a double dozen, but thought better of it. Don’t want to overload you. Happy Shopping. 

1. Oversized Leather Tote
2. Grey Cardigan
3. Striped Dress
4. Overcoat
5. Messenger Bag
6. Parka Coat
7. Grey Shirt
8. Cowboy Boots
9. Overcoat
10. Shoulder Bag
11. Oversized Tote
12. Grey Trousers


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