Shopping Amazon Fashion: How to shop black Friday & six outfits featuring hero products

Written in collaboration with Amazon Fashion

We’re here to talk about holiday shopping, as we’re looking at Black Friday and how to take full advantage of some seriously good deals on Amazon right now. But, I also want to point your shopping finger in the direction of a place online that I have only just discovered and have quickly added to my weekly new-in hunt (so watch this space as I think Amazon will now have a permanent place in the Daily Dozen roundups in the future). So, to recap, we’re first going to talk about Black Friday and how to shop now. Then, we’re going to focus in on these six outfits, featuring eight products that are all Amazon fashion! I have said before that I found shopping Amazon fashion like searching for a needle in a haystack, but I’ve had some top tips that I can’t wait to pass on…from the brand itself! So, grab that cup of tea, and get ready for a good read…

So, what do you need to know about Black Friday? Well, I guess we should start by pointing out that Black Friday has already started on Amazon. Long gone are the days when we had to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate this shopping event. The sales start early and the deals are good from the get go. So, whether you are looking for the perfect shearling slipper or a new tech gift for your super switched on nephew (yup, nephew I’m looking at you), this is the place to get involved. All your Amazon Black Friday deals are now live on the website and you’ll see a home page that looks a bit like this in place at the moment:

Now, before you push the panic button, don’t worry. Amazon has you covered. The goal here is to have some sort of parameter for the gift you are hunting for. The rest is taken care of for you. Let’s say you have no idea what to get your mother in law, but you know you have a £30 budget for the gift – use the search tool provided by Amazon to limit the items shown from Black Friday deals to all deals between £15-£30. Easy peasy and trust me, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are also “lightning deals” that are so good and so discounted, they are actually limited in quantities. You can search these exclusively every day as new deals come out and see what percentage of products are left to purchase, or join the waitlist for those that are sitting in shopping carts but haven’t yet been bought! You know there’s always someone that waits a little too long and you can grab the deal as soon as it becomes free. It becomes a bit addictive! I’m not going to lie. 

Black Friday ends on December 2nd. So take advantage now! Make sure you use Amazon Prime and if you haven’t signed up for this what are you doing? It makes a great Christmas present. My mom and dad give me an annual subscription every Christmas and it’s the one present I use all year round! Packages delivered same or next day never gets old. And for Christmas shopping, I can’t get enough of this as I’m getting all of my present buying done and dusted without having to step onto Oxford Street even once. Londoners, you know my pain!

Now, that’s Black Friday. Let’s talk turkey when it comes to Amazon Fashion

Here is where I have to admit that I have not given the site it’s due in seeking out some seriously fabulous finds. I was a lazy shopper here. Amazon can feel overwhelming when it comes to shopping fashion. That’s what I feel and hear time and time again. But, I also keep seeing so many people on Instagram wearing incredible pieces they’ve found. So, I wanted to know how I could be a better Amazon Fashion shopper. If I was going to do this collaboration, I needed some help in being able to not only shop for myself, but also pass on some much needed tips to you guys, so we can all take advantage of what’s out there on Amazon.

So, before we get into the six outfits and the details on what I’ve found in my first proper Amazon Fashion shop, here are my three tips for shopping the site the way it’s meant to be shopped:

1. It is always better if you know what you need

Amazon’s search engine is your greatest tool when shopping fashion. Don’t fret, it’s not your only tool, but it’s probably the easiest. If you are looking for something specific, the world is your oyster here. For example, knee high boots are something I’m always on the hunt for come winter. On Amazon, I can narrow down exactly what I’m looking for with size, colour and length of heel. I knew I wanted a navy blue pair, with less than a two inch heel (tall enough aren’t I?) and it had to be stretchy material as my calves are massive. So, I put in as much detail as I could and I came back with 134 options. I then narrowed down my search to Amazon Prime only, so I could have them on time to go out the next night, and my options came back to 21. And in that 21, I found my dream pair of boots (which you’ll see below in shots). 

2. Shop the Edit 

On the Amazon Women’s Fashion Page, there is always an edit worth taking a look at. I’d also just like to put it out there that I secretly hope Amazon will give me a job putting together edits for them. Honestly how much fun would that be? But, I’m not here asking for a job. The edits they have are always seasonally relevant and always useful. For example, at the moment you’ll find everything you need for Holiday partying and for gift shopping.

3. Follow Amazon hashtags and social channels

Let us do the hard work for you! That’s what you follow bloggers and influencers for! Amazon Fashion EU is a great instagram channel to follow, as they will share great finds and the finds of others regularly. Now that you can follow hashtags, think about following #founditonamazon – if the blogger doesn’t outline which product is Amazon, think about using Amazon Style Snap to find the item and purchase it there and then! 

Alright, that’s all the wisdom I’m going to impart today. There’s more to come later. But, let’s get stuck into what I found on my first real and true shop with Amazon Fashion. I couldn’t have been happier. You’ll find the pictures of me below, followed by the pictures of the product page screenshot so you can see exactly what I saw when I decided to purchase. I bought the largest size in absolutely everything because I wanted to air on the side of caution and it turned out I was right to do so. All came and fit perfectly. There wasn’t one return. 

Ok, here we go….

 Silver Dress:

 Blue Faces Dress:

Plaid Coat:

 I Need Space Shirt

Neon Green Skirt:

 Leopard Print Dress:

 Paisley Skirt:

Rainbow Print Dress:


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