Shop The Look: Velvet for Claridge’s

The perfect holiday dress.

I’m constantly on the hunt, at the moment, for spiffy holiday wear. I’m not sure about you, but I’m always slightly worried about that whole idea of walking into a party and wearing the same dress as someone else. It’s happened to me twice, wearing Topshop. Shock horror, but should come as no surprise, as both times I was wearing the dress everyone was talking about. So, in the vein of keeping it unique and original, I’m pointing out this beauty, that I was introduced to through online shopping (and it’s currently 25% off). I’m pretty much obsessed. But, and this is just between you and me, I am having the slit in the leg raised by my tailor this week. Love a hint of leg, but a little more would do this beauty wonders. Just a little piece of advice for anyone ordering. A simple tweak for personal perfection! 

Shop The Look:

Velvet Wrap Dress (gifted)


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