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 leopard and check winter coat

 leopard and check winter coat fringe skirt

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Basically, I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a store. This is what I’ve come to realise about myself. I will find, in ten seconds flat, something I need in just about any store I go into. Although, admittedly some are way worse than others. I found myself in such a situation, yesterday in St James’s while working on the Christmas piece. I was minding my own Ps and Qs when I found myself face to face with a winter coat I knew I wasn’t going to be able to live without. You know that moment when you go into the fitting room and you so desperately want something to look as fabulous as you imagine but you also sort of hope it doesn’t fit so that you won’t have to pull out the credit card? Well, that was my situation. Sure enough, it fit like a glove and I fell as in love as I knew I would if it did. 

It should be noted that the leopard collar is removable, but why oh why would you ever remove it? It should also be mentioned that this is a big coat, so if you want to wear it oversized, go true to size, or size down one for the perfect fit. Either way you play, don’t walk away from this beauty.

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Leopard and Check Coat

 leopard and check winter coat


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