Postcards from Autumn in Maine 2019

For those of you that have been following me for a while now, you’ll know that it’s a newish tradition for me to escape to New England in October. I’ve spent every summer of my life on this beach in Maine, but as an adult I find the most magical time to visit is actually just as the weather starts to turn. The air becomes crisp, mittens are often required and nothing can prepare you for the vibrant colours that present themselves during the late autumnal portion of the year. Maine comes alive. There’s a reason people come from all over the world to leaf-peek. Not to worry, though. Even with all the tourists blowing in to see the change in season, the experience loses no charm or magic.

With roaring fires and movie marathons at night followed by long drives during the day, through tree lined streets with amber leaves decorating the pavement like snow,  this all feels too good to be true. I find two weeks is never enough. Cider doughnuts for breakfast, lobster rolls for lunch and fried clams for dinner are on repeat. But, no amount of long walks on the beach will shave off the calories consumed while visiting. Saying that, you’ll be glad for the extra padding as the temperature well and truly dips into “it’s almost time for snow” weather. 

It was over all too soon and all I’m left with are postcard pictures of beauty that now doesn’t even seem real. And so, I’ll leave this here, with a look at the pictures that play in my mind on repeat. Another year gone, another year ahead to look forward to. This is Maine Autumn 2019. 



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