The high street fringe jacket you need this autumn

white fringe jacket

I feel like every season some fashion writer creates a whole piece based on the theory that “fringe is back in.” I’d like to officially call bullshit. Fringe never left the style table. This is a trend that is continuously in fashion. It will probably never be out of fashion, at least not if I have anything to do with it. I have 14 Ralph Lauren fringed leather jackets. Yup, I know that’s excessive. They span two decades of collections. I feel as if I have to have one every time it’s slightly reinvented. They are my little records of fashion history, or at least the history of fringe. But, this autumn, another fringe jacket grabbed my attention – one that’s not from a high end designer. This one’s right from the high street and I didn’t have to put my kidneys up for auction to buy it. I threw a couple of bills on the counter and walked out of the shop feeling like I’d won the style war that day. I’ve been wearing it for about a month now and every time I take it out for a spin I get asked for details. So here they are.

I’m sharing again (yes, I have shared this once before….perhaps you weren’t paying attention). You need this in your lives, buy it now and keep it forever. Also, it’s not real leather…. In the unlikely event that there are any vegans reading this post. If you are vegan, you’re brave being seen reading a blog called Fashion Foie Gras, aren’t you? (Reminder…. I don’t actually have anything to do with the production or support of the luxury food… just in case you were thinking I was force feeding geese in the back office. Not unless you count force feeding myself M&Ms on a regular basis when I’m battling deadlines).

White Fringe Jacket

white fringe jacket

white fringe jacket


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