Shop The Look: The Ultimate Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots and white jeans

cowboy boots and white jeans

I have this thing where as soon as I buy something I have to wear it…then and there. Anyone else find this a problem? Maybe it’s an actual condition. A shopping condition. Just imagine. Pretty sure the shopping is the condition itself. I MUST find a way to curb that. And let me just address that head on. I DO buy most of the things you see here on FFG. So for those of you thinking I might be bad at disclosing gifts, I’ll say this again to put all misconceptions to bed. I shop, therefore I pay, just like the rest of the world. And if it’s any different I’ll tell ya. Ha! Anyway, I ordered these boots in the post, they arrived and pronto, on they went and I am quite literally obsessed. They come up to a size 12 and are quite generous in width. So if you’re a gal that’s on the hunt for extended sizes in shoes, this is your lucky day (ps. they come in smaller sizes too). 

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Cowboy Boots

 Turtleneck Sweater

 Felt Hat


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