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This week I went back to the Seacoast Trolley & Travel Museum in Kennebunk, Maine. Their  collection of vintage trams, trolleys, trains and buses are in perfect condition, so when you step onto any of the vehicles it is stepping back in time. It runs chills up spine, but it’s also one of my favourite places to visit when I’m back in town. Travel was so beautiful and so dignified back in the day. Today, it’s quite a different story, isn’t it? Imagine a train with seats like actual living room arm chairs, with decadent side table lamps, enough leg room to fit four people between you and the chair in front of you, and a man serving you cocktails from an actual old school bar cart. It’s unbelievable isn’t it? That was the old way. There are arguments for the way it’s all done today. We are safer and travel is more affordable, therefore more accessible to the masses. And yes, that’s all well and good. But maybe my new task in this world is create affordable and comfortable travel. Wouldn’t that be revolutionary (and highly unlikely sadly)? 

For today, I’ll just explore the beauty of old school travel and imagine the beautiful outfits I would have worn to board such fantastically decorated vessels. Ball gowns for sleeper trains, fitted skirt suits for day commuter trains. In 2019, on this day, for this particular adventure, it was a mix of old and new that looked a little something like this (and really should have been worn on this particular train for the picture:

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