Finally…. tights that don’t fall down and a few more shapewear secrets

Written in Collaboration with Heist Studios

Excuse all the excited faces in this post. I’m feeling a bit like the cat that got the cream. Let me explain why. First of all, I have to tell you that I hate tights…. with a passion. I absolutely hate them. They are always falling down to my knees and I walk around all day grabbing them and pulling them up. It’s wildly unattractive and horrible embarrassing. So, last year I decided I’d be giving up tights. I would just wear trousers all winter. End of. Then, Heist Studios came into my life like a rainbow of hope. They wanted me to review their tights and shapewear for a post. Well, I sort of chuckled and thought to myself, “I’ll definitely have fun with the shapewear, but the tights will be a waste of time.” Oh how very wrong I was.

The Heist Studio tights are for every woman that hates wearing tights. They are the solution we have hunted for our whole lives. Women now will never know the pain we have suffered. This technology will give women the confidence to pull on their tights and go. No more wearing underwear over your tights to keep them up, or any other ridiculous tactics you would have used to pull off wearing tights. It’s done and dusted. You need these in your life right now. End of. 

Now, before you go thinking that they stay up because there is some ridiculously tight controlled top involved, think again. The top on these tights is mildly snug, yes, to hold them up. But, you barely notice it’s even there. There is just comfort and security. I could cry as I write this. It’s happened. It’s finally happened (all links below in shopping carousel…).

But, while you’re on Heist Studios, I want to point you in the direction of a few other pieces that should be on your radar. 

First up, The Highlight Short. Yup, that’s my little secret for slinky dresses. Can we just talk about my bum here? It hasn’t seen this lift since my twenties! These shorts are fabulous contouring, lifting and smoothing. Basically, they are a secret weapon that you can wear all day and not feel like your organs are being rearranged within. Love. End of.

And last, but certainly not least, The Outer Body. You’ve seen me wear this before in black. Since then, Heist Studios have brought out colour! The Outer Body now comes in a few colours which allow you to showcase a shaped and sculpted silhouette with a stroke from the rainbow. The idea here is that it’s shapewear that can be hidden or fully on show. No one would be any the wiser – except for those that have seen my waist without this wonderful cincher! 🙂 

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