Ten years of Fashion Foie Gras: A Look Back at the 50 Most Memorable Moments

Tomorrow marks the official decade of Fashion Foie Gras’s existence. If you want a real laugh, go back 11,918 posts to read the very first one. Yes, by the end of this year, I will have written 12,000+ blogposts. How is that even possible? Well, I’ll tell you how it’s possible… I didn’t sleep for three years, filling this blog with posts every hour on the hour. These days, the blog posts are fewer, but the work time remains the same, with the invention of four different and additional epically sized social media platforms. I’ve had ups and downs over the years. I’ve wondered if I wanted to keep FFG around. I’ve pondered my position in the new world of celebrity influencers. But, I still wake up every morning excited about what Fashion Foie Gras has meant to me, what it’s given me, and all I’ve given to it. 

I’ve always said that when that goes, it’s time to shut up shop and try my hand at something new. But that’s enough about that kind of talk. What I wanted to do was look back at what ten years in the business of blogging looks like. I thought I’d share my top 50 moments, out of 11,000+. Each and every post I’m sharing below, I’m discovering all over again. It’s amazing how much can change in ten years. But, for me, each and every post shared herewith is a moment I’m proud of and will never forget. So here we go… (and just in case I forget to say it in closing, thank you for sticking with me for this past decade. It’s been a crazy ride hasn’t it?) fire up the time machine and let’s start from the beginning….


Let’s just call the first few months of FFG as “finding my feet.” Four months after writing every night for about six hours, I was invited to my first event and it was at Net-a-Porter for their denim launch. It was just after they’d opened their west London offices and I was in love with everything from the decor to the denim. 


Received my first invite from Ralph Lauren for a little go on a tennis court with the professionals.


My first submission for a “proper publication.” Yup, Cosmo asked me to give my two cents on style…


Fast Forward to September 2010 and I was attending my first ever fashion week in London. It all started with Topshop. 


That same week Stylist mentioned me… my first mention in print. 


Another Ralph Lauren moment…. and there’s a reason. RL is the mothership, the brand I always wanted to work with and I said yes, and will continue to say yes to any opportunity in which I can feature them. This time around, I was in Paris, toured their store and finally ate at Ralph’s in Paris!


Keeping it in the American vein, I also attended my first NFL game in London in this first month, as a guest of the NFL. 


I met David Lauren…. only the son of Ralph Lauren…and I declared my love for his family. There’s a chance he was very scared at the start, but figured out I was a harmless fan by the end of the evening 😉 


Then came my first ever proper photoshoot with Anthropologie and a photographer that is still one of the only ones I use today (love you, T). 


There was also that moment that I rode a double decker bus through London for the opening of the new Gilly Hicks store in London


Also in Feb 2011, my first New York Fashion Week, with Gant


Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m meeting Karl Lagerfeld for the first time, in Paris, with Diet Coke


Red Magazine then gave me the ultimate honour of including me in their fashion power list for 2011.


And then the ultimate happened. This remains one of my biggest moments in FFG’s ten year history. I designed a bag for Coach. It sold out instantly, but not before a big launch party with over 350 guests in attendance. I cannot remember a single thing from this night. I was on cloud nine and I’m so thankful there was a photographer on board to capture it all or it would feel like it didn’t happen at all.


Then there was a full page feature in Red Magazine, modelling new trench coats for a new season…


Following on, I had some love from You Magazine, from the Daily Mail on Sunday, leading up to another fashion week.


And just when I think things can’t get any better, Gucci invite me to come and explore Italy with them as one of 16 bloggers hand selected from around the globe.


Come summer 2012, I was ready for some tennis on TV with Wimbledon. Only it wasn’t meant to be… instead Ralph Lauren invited me for my first ever Wimbledon in person…..


September came knocking and it was fashion week once again. I flew to New York to attend shows for Coach and Ralph Lauren. This was my first official fashion week, where I attended 22 shows. But, Coach and RL were the biggies…


Later that month, I worked with Net-a-Porter to style a special campaign…


Come November 2012, I was exhausted and still working full time and blogging on the side. Things were about to change and it came mostly because I nearly had to turn down a trip to the Victoria’s Secret show in New York, where I was asked to cover backstage! 


Then came Christmas, and I was asked to partner with De Beer’s Diamonds to create the ultimate Christmas wish list

I should mention, it was at this point, in 2012, that I decided to make FFG my full time job. It was the end of an era. I was leaving the world of PR and auctions for the great unknown. It was scary as hell, and still is really. 

In the new year, I was working around the clock, worried I wouldn’t be able to fill my days that were freed up with no full time employment. I couldn’t have been more wrong! 

That February I started attending fashion weeks in all four cities.


I came back from my third season in NYC to a lovely surprise in London, a full feature in Metro.


And was then, shortly after, given exclusive backstage access to Rihanna’s first fashion collection catwalk show with River Island.


In March, I was back in New York for another Ralph Lauren event, this time the Lauren Ralph Lauren’s first runway showcase.

Ok, let’s take a breath. This is going on a bit. I hope you’re enjoying the walk down memory lane. I’ve been going through blogposts now for six hours and we’re half way there. Stay with me here. A lot has happened in ten years.


So, after the New York trip, I was just recovering from the jet lag back in London when I got a call from Tommy Hilfiger asking me if I could be on a plane the next day back to the big city. I was invited to be a part of the “Meet The Hilfigers” campaign in Princeton, New Jersey. So off I went. You don’t say no to Tommy.


Then, on the hottest day of Summer 2013, I was asked to host a talk with Charlotte Tilbury and Nicola Formichetti to launch Charlotte’s new space at Selfridges. 


A few months later I accepted an invitation from Harrod’s to be the first person to sleep overnight in the store, and have the run of the place, while they filmed their latest campaign in the home department. This is probably the most insanely fabulous thing I’ve done to date and as far as I know I’m still the one and only….


Come September 2013, I was readying myself for fashion week once again and found myself a little overexcited as I was asked to take part in a Tiffany’s campaign for the newly launched Atlas Collection


Fast forward to November and I was one of the first influencers invited to the Hermes headquarters in Paris to tour the atelier and the new Petit H department


And what was my last bit of work for 2013? Well, it was riding in a blue Tiffany’s horse and carriage from Bond Street to Sloane Square. How surreal is that? 


2014 started with a beautiful opportunity to showcase my undying love for Ralph Lauren… in The Telegraph! 


Then in May, I announced my first campaign with Pandora. It was all about ring stacking and resulted in a tour to Pandora stores up and down the UK. I still have a soft spot for this brand. They are such an amazing company. 


June 2014…. a full page beautiful feature in the Metro!!!


Towards the end of 2014, travel really started to pick up. One of the most memorable fashion trips, however, was with Pandora Jewellery, to tour their factories in Thailand. We spent a week there and learned everything there was to know about the brand. It was an amazing immersion. 


Straight off the plane, I was back to work with Ralph Lauren, hosting a style session with the Lauren Ralph Lauren brand in London. 


My whole life changed however, in early January 2015, upon meeting one Josh Wood. He is my hair guru and no one will ever do what he did to my hair. Miss you, Josh!


In 2015, I also found a new reason to be excited about what I was doing. I partnered with the Dogs Trust to feature a dog that needed a home with every Friday Style Update. I need to bring this back. It was such a beautiful feature. 


Then in February, I did my first commercial… with British Airways!


Fast forward a bit and I was working with Estee Lauder on a special feature for their website to showcase my favourite bit of west London. 


If you were walking through Heathrow airport at Christmas 2015, you may have spotted the following: FFG wrapping paper! Yup, I worked with the airport to give travellers free gift wrapping over the Christmas period with my specially designed wrapping paper! 


Then, in September I worked on my first car collaboration… with Ferrari and Four Seasons. I still can’t believe I got to drive a Ferrari California T for four days. I mean, come on. 


Alright, my southern roots were absolutely over the moon when this project was pitched. If you have followed me for a while, you will know this makes sense. I worked with KFC to create a lunchbox cover for the Spring Summer runway shows at fashion week that season – hence the flowers! The box was served at every KFC in London over fashion week. I died a little. Still such a fun thing to tell people. 


Fast forward a year from Ferrari and my next car project was with a car brand I’ve loved for as long as I could remember, Range Rover!


Then, all of the sudden I became a car person and my next big project was with Aston Martin and a trip to France. I could have never predicted FFG going this way, but I was having the time of my life.


So now we’ve come to 2019 and the highlights this year are numerous, but the one that stands out would have to be designing my own shoe with a brand that’s been near and dear to my heart for decades – Marks & Spencer. This was the Emily shoe


I also worked with Ralph Lauren once again, this time to launch their Ralph’s Coffee popup in the London flagship. 


I’ve also worked with Celebrity Cruises twice in the last year and I hope you guys have enjoyed learning about them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them, as it has been a truly wonderful and eye opening experience. 


And finally, so we can wrap this up, 2019 will forever be remembered as the year Keanu came into my life


Well, this one is a link to a much bigger list really and it’s the memory of travel, which I have totally neglected here as it would require another ten hours to compile. So instead, I’ll put you in the direction of my travel page, if you’d like to see all the places I’ve been over the past ten years!

I have no idea what the next ten years hold. No one does. But, I’d just like to say again, “thank you.” Thanks for coming along on this crazy journey. I hope you’ve laughed, cried and cursed at the screen as much as I have over the past decade 🙂 


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